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Mt Magazine is a constantly evolving blog, the search for news in the sector is the order of the day: weekly it publishes articles and exclusive interviews on the protagonists of national mixing, insights on brands & partners in the world of mixology and events.

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Mt magazine

MT Magazine is a constantly updated window on the world of Italian and international mixing. Born in 2017, from an idea by Laura Carello, the project aimed to create a guide limited to the cocktail bars of Turin and Milan, and in a few years it grew to the point of becoming a real reference magazine for the sector of mixology and cocktail enthusiasts.

MT Magazine follows all the news in the beverage sector with professionalism and dedication through interviews with bartenders, presentations of cocktail bars and drink lists; but not only does it organize events for the sector such as the Mix Contest Italy Tour, where the best bartenders of the Bel Paese compete over cocktails.

Mt Magazine

Mix contest

Italy Tour 2023/24

Mix contest is a traveling battle between the best cocktail bars in Italy, represented by their own bartender. Each competitor creates two cocktails which are served to the public and a technical jury.

It is the first competition in which the votes of the professionals in the sector count as the votes of the public, who during the evening can express their preference and thus contribute to electing the Best Bartender in Italy by MT Magazine.

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