Classic and contemporary

In 2021, in the Chiaia district of Naples, a unique cocktail bar developing around the centuries-old tree growing in the private garden opened its doors. There’s much attention to the choice of furniture and the same attention – if not even more – to service, making Barril Garden Bar an exclusive lounge that makes everyone feel at home. Leading the bar is Claudio Romano, with an offer that can satisfy both lovers of tradition and contemporaneity. Numerous twists on classics stand out in the menu, favored over signatures to lead the clients on a “journey through taste” that starts from the known and pushes to the discovery of the new. There’s a peculiar work on the Old Fashioned, the classic drink that, above all others, has inspired the menu’s cocktails. Homemade preparations are instrumental to the self-production of ingredients that are not on the market. In time the bottle rack has focused on a selection of agave spirits - from well-known tequila and mezcal to raicilla, bacanora, and sotol – and on an equally ample choice of scotch and bourbon whiskey.

Favorite cocktail? Margarita

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