A cocktail emporium

Elegance, craftsmanship, and sophistication. These are the souls of Baxter Bar, the result of three-year intensive teamwork and the collaboration between Gruppo Baxter and lake Como native barman Andrea Attanasio – nicknamed “The tailor of cocktails”. The former owner of Como’s Fresco Cocktail Shop, Andrea’s unique career path has led him over the years to specialize in the study and selection of the raw materials used in his drinks. The essential characteristic of his mixing is the exclusive use of fresh ingredients, their quality guaranteed by the orchard owned by Azienda Agricola I Rospi in Careno (CO), providing 80% of the fruit used in the cocktails. The importance of freshness goes hand in hand with the search for high-quality ingredients all around the world – like sugar cane and cocoa coming from a Dominican plantation owned by Arlyna, Andrea’s right-hand woman. Every cocktail contains not only excellent raw materials but also and above all the stories of people growing and harvesting them – stories detectable by all the five senses. Andrea’s favorite cocktail? Daiquiri, at all hours!

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