The nuances of classics

There’s a certainty in the mixing world: the pleasure of a classic cocktail will never fall out of fashion. Casa Minghetti’s bartender Andrea Panizzi, together with his aide Elena Montomoli,  most certainly does not limit his creativity to popular drinks created by others: his mixing of the great classics always adds a small personal touch, providing a little departure from the original recipe in perfumes, nuances or taste. The aim is not to distort the essence of cocktails but to enrich them, bringing the clients closer to the well-known classics through personal, tailor-made twists mixed according to individual tastes and requests. Casa Minghetti has a cozy atmosphere, a style somewhat reminiscent of Paris and New York and a drink list offering a selection of signature cocktails inspired by travels, intuitions and every other life experience Andrea feels the need to transpose into a glass. His favorite cocktail is the Martini, that in Andrea's words marks the transition to adulthood both for the drinker, when he finally understands it, and for the bartender when he can perfectly mix it.


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