In the most hidden Rome

Less than 300 meters from the Pantheon, you can get inside through a fake cupboard in a restaurant or a dedicated entrance in an alley. The furnishing is in a vintage-industrial style, with leather chester sofas, rough walls, and exposed pipes. The atmosphere, however, is modern thanks to the approach of the staff – no trappings or excess – the hip-hop background music, and the choices by bar manager Matteo Siena for the drink list. The menu includes only signature cocktails, drawing their inspiration from the history of mixing and the latest trends coming from Europe. Both alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks balance a mix of non-obvious ingredients – some undergo homemade processing right behind the bar – that complement one another while keeping their identity. The spirits come from all over the world, and the bar has an extensive selection to be tasted in purity, particularly concerning whisky and rum. For lovers of butterflies and books, there are over 50 specimens that come from worldwide and a browsable bookcase that hides a very special secret.

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