High-quality gluten-free mixing

How to mix gluten-free cocktails? It sounds straightforward: reading the labels of syrups and distillates to make sure there are no allergens seems like it should be enough. The truth is a bit more complicated, because the products should have an official qualification as "gluten-free", and that’s not always a possibility. Francesco Sardisco, a lover of bitter flavors like the Boulevardier and the Americano, explains that the whole offer at Fiordaliso is gluten-free: spirits, bitters, and infusions are homemade so that anyone – gluten intolerant or not - can equally enjoy quality mixing. The cocktails are not simple twists on classics but possess a strong identity and are mixed using only the best ingredients: fresh fruit pulp substitutes syrups, and the homemade spirits allow to discover unique flavors and perfumes. Fiordaliso is the Italian name for the cornflower, the only flower with the poppy to spontaneously grow in wheat fields – and here pastry and cooking are in constant dialogue with mixing, with cocktails combining the flavors typical to sweets, cakes, and savory dishes in perfect harmony.

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