Mixology and cooking

Fourghetti, a creation by Silvia Belluzzi, houses Bruno Barbieri’s restaurant and an American bar where mixology is in a constant dialogue with one of Italy’s best restaurant kitchens. On one side there’s the standard offer of timeless drinks flawlessly mixed, on the other the desire for experimentation finds its expression in signature cocktails concocted with the help of techniques typical to haute cuisine: sous vide, low-temperature cooking and extractions. Fourghetti feels like Manhattan, but it’s actually in Bologna – a cocktail bar led by Salvatore Castiglione and his team, aiming to build a direct relationship with the clients to better advise them on the cocktails and pairings best suited to their needs. In the mood for a Negroni? Here at Fourghetti, you can taste one prepared with the bar’s homemade Vermouth. And if you prefer whiskey, you’re in luck: Fourghetti’s 400-labels bottle rack is well-stocked in that regard. Salvatore’s favorite cocktail? The Negroni as mentioned above or a Cocktail Martini, two evergreen classics!

Da un’idea Silvia Belluzzi

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