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Haus means "home" in German. Davide and Andrea Namoini's bar – bar manager and bartender, respectively – was born in 2019 in the Poggiofranco district in Bari, aiming to create a welcoming refuge for nighttime moments. The bar's name includes the four wave shapes of music – the brothers' other passion - accompanying nights at HAUS in the background. The ambiance is nordic, with the rooms calling back to the 80s and Blade Runner as the stage for a drink list that's perfectly balanced in the choice of spirits that here are "complementary" to the final flavor. Homemade ingredients are the base of the preparations, even more so if we discuss low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks mixed on the spot according to the expressed needs. Whenever the drink list changes, there are always some "unforgettables" from the previous menu. There's a specialization in whiskey, present in labels of independent bottlers, exceptional vintages, and niche distilleries. The best way to taste it? In purity, by choosing it from the dedicated menu, in the intimate and exclusive secret room available by reservation and seating only six.

Favorite cocktail? Manhattan

Open hours today: 19:00 - 02:00
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