It’s not a secret… it’s for the few

Like in a speakeasy, you must ring a doorbell to get in. Still, La Reserve Deux is not merely a speakeasy, but more a “Lounge in the great chaos,” a club of good drinking where guests can sit down among pieces by emerging artists, found objects from all over the world, and live music. The drinks by Vittorio Rosso are refined, clear, and understandable by everyone. This does not detract from the menu’s refinement, as is made clear from the products used: they’re excellent, well-balanced, and often homemade. There are 10 drinks, all signatures born from the mind of Vittorio and his team following original recipes. Of course, fans of more traditional cocktail mixing can rest easy: if you want a Negroni, La Reserve Deux (and La Reserve, the group’s first bar) will mix you an excellent one. That’s not by chance, considering Vittorio’s favorites are two giants like Americano and Daiquiri, mixed using strictly agricultural rum. A small piece of trivia: everything you see in the bar is for sale. Should you fall in love with an object or an art piece, just scan the QR code, discover the price, and you’re done.

Favorite cocktail? Daiquiri with agricultural rum

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