Balance and seasonality

For creative people, cocktails are a blank canvas to draw a rainbow of flavors. It is well known here at Léve, a restaurant and cocktail bar that makes seasonality its muse. The drink list by Edoardo Mastroianni, together with Alessio Corrao, changes every three months and always offers eight cocktails mixed using excellent ingredients sourced from selected suppliers or the stalls of the Porta Palazzo farmers market. This is also why many preparations used in drinks – like infusion, syrups, and shrubs – are homemade. And all that using the most modern techniques and tools on hand because the quality of the production line must remain high to guarantee guests the best result possible. In the bottle rack, including a rich selection of rum, whisky, and gin, excellent products take the stage and rotate through the different drink menus to avoid repetitions. Here at Léve, the classics are the base of all cocktail mixing: executing them well is vital. Only after perfecting the drinks can you start twisting them, making them contemporary and international.

Favorite cocktail? Martinez

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