Elegance, technique and creativity

Right in the center of Trieste, MOR comes from the mind of Stefano Zuliani and Diego Giorgiutti. It's a steampunk-style bar, that winks to American Bar from overseas and has a particular focus on whiskey, a spirit of which the bottle rack has an extensive selection. Bar manager Andrea Dracos and bartender Nicholas de Michele and Tommaso Torcello created a drink menu full of elegant, technically perfect cocktails changing every four months and providing an ideal pairing to the rich happy hour menu provided by Maita, the property's restaurant. At the moment the list draws inspiration from the 80s "trash movies," revising them in liquid form and trying to portray in the glass their most famous characters, setting or scenes. An example? Il Ragazzo di Campagna, inspired by the movie starring Renato Pozzetto, a cocktail with bourbon, barley syrup and bread bitter. As we said, there's a particular focus on whiskey. It's used in mixing but also served by the glass, allowing the guests to sample impressive selections often hard to find on the market. Andrea's favorite cocktail is a classic of great charm: the Boulevardier.

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Via Torino, 18, Trieste, TS, Italia


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