Oro is perhaps the best-stocked whisky bar of the Capital – and beyond. Here in the bar opened by Andrea Fofi in September 2020, standing between Circo Massimo and the Caio Cestio Pyramid, you can select one of the six hundred labels present on a dedicated menu curated by experts Pino Perrone and Chiara Marinelli. Some of the labels also star in bar manager Daniele Gentili’s cocktails. For the occasion, he has designed a menu where the same cocktail can be ordered in three different variations, depending on the specific whisky used in mixing. There’s ample space for classics, but also some exclusive signature cocktails like the iconic Oro Highball #1: Toki Japanese Blended Whiskey and Spuma d’Oro - Lapsang Souchong-infused blonde spuma. Another example? Limited Edition Cocktail ORO, changing every 79 orders in a tribute to the atomic number for gold. The intimate spaces of the lounge promote whisky culture – every label has three macro descriptors – and allow clients to keep their bottle in a private cabinet and wait for the right moment to savor it, alone or in mixing. Daniele’s favorite cocktail? Daiquiri with agricultural rum.

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