A cocktail atelier

A tailor shop provides bespoke clothes, and for this bar in the old town of Palermo, it's pretty much the same: the design of many cocktails revolves around the client's tastes. The four expert business partners – Fabrizio Gandino, Matteo Bonandrini, Ivan Geraci, and Andrea Caputo – work in the small rooms of a former private chapel, now with a modernized design with pop colors and with furniture from the fashion world. The ample Carrara marble counter is on the left, while on the right, some tables join the ones of the alfresco area overlooking the street. The well-furnished bottle rack holds hundreds of labels, with a growing presence of whisky. Many clients leave the choice to the bartender, while others prefer to order from the file cabinet holding the best tailored drinks and cocktails from a menu that lists signatures and classics - sometimes with a twist. Citrus, flowers, spirits, local wines and honey are all part of cocktails where the rest of the world takes the stage, too. The quest for perfection also includes informal and graceful service and perfectly transparent, homemade ice.

Favorite cocktail? Daiquiri

Open hours today: 17:00 - 02:00
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