Nowadays, we are used to seeing cocktail mixing as a form of art, but until a few years ago, there were not many bars that could turn a cocktail into an experience. Smile Tree, in Piazza della Consolata, was among them. To spend an evening there meant to be amazed by the careful presentation and the scenic effect of every drink coming to the table. Today the fairy tale has remained the same: the cocktails are beautiful, surprising, and, according to the clients, authentic art pieces. Almost every creation by Adrian Margineanu and his team guarantees garnishes, smoking, or special effects like dry ice or clear ice. Adrian's team is tight, composed of skillful bartenders able to best interpret the taste of every client. Quality is, of course, just as high: excellent ingredients from all over the world are combined to produce balanced drinks with an enveloping and never dull taste. That's possible also thanks to a bottle rack of exceptional quality – and eye-catching, too: the bottles hang from the elastic string that the owners' grandparents used to secure their luggage to the car's roof. The cocktail list includes only signatures, with some twists revising the classics in a contemporary key.

Favorite cocktail? Vieux Carrè

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