The Thirties today

Some say we don't yet have the technology to time travel and that maybe we never will. Those people must never have been to The Goodman, at Daniele Graziano's court. The place's name comes from the owners' passion for music: Benny Goodman was a famous jazz musician active between the 30s and the 70s – and it's not by chance that the background music is an integral part of The Goodman's experience. The ambiance is refined and with a 30s soul, taking guests back in time but serving them absolutely contemporary drinks thanks to the signatures by Daniele and his team. The cocktails follow the seasonality of products and only use premium spirits and excellent ingredients. There's a wide selection of gin (about 40 labels) and rum. After all, Daniele is truly proud of his Tiki soul, so don't be surprised if on the drink list you will find some cocktails with a distinctly exotic nuance. Would you prefer something classic? No problem: traditional cocktails are mixed to perfection, and The Goodman is especially famous for its Old Fashioned, thanks to the fine selection of bourbons.

Favorite cocktail? Daiquiri

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