One for all

Without wisdom, without judgment. Graziano Paventi di Bonaventura, Francesco and Vincenzo Simone Saitta’s bar is precisely what you can imagine from the name on the sign: inclusive. The lounges opened in 2018 behind Piazza Navona have no barriers because Italian and international clients come from every social rank. The reason? The 400 square meters spread over two floors and an inner courtyard are universally appreciable. Everything was sourced through private auctions, from the woodwork and the leather chesterfields to antique books, chandeliers, daggers from the ancient East, and animal skins. Behind the counter, bar manager Damiano di Benedetto proposes his idea of dinks that are simple but never dull: twists on classic changing every six months and mixed using homemade ingredients (acid solutions, milk clarifications, infusions, and liqueurs), niche and premium products in crystal glasses with chunks of ice. The use of gin, whiskey, and tequila is vital, together with the other prize spirits inside the exclusive and private secret room seating six. The bar also holds a tattoo studio and an art gallery.

Favorite cocktail? Daiquiri

Open hours today: 12:00 - 02:00
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