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Today, November 23, is the national day of one of the iconic symbols of Italianness, theexpressed. Currently known as one of the most popular ways to consume coffee, the term 'expressed' it did not always have the meaning we attribute to it today. In fact, at the beginning Before of the advent of special machines, the word indicated exclusively a freshly brewed coffee, with beans toasted and ground shortly before. This custom, at the end of the 19th century, was common in cafes and restaurants.



The 1901 it is a key date in the history of this drink. In that year, in fact, the Italian Luigi Bezzera invented the first successful espresso machine. With this new technology, the term began to mean a more concentrated coffee, prepared more quickly and served in small quantities. One of the new characteristics was also the presence of cream, previously absent in all known extraction methods. In addition to being consumed as such, in a quick break at the bar or in the restaurant at the end of the meal, espresso has become famous over time also thanks to its ability to serve as a basis for the creation of other preparations: coffee and latte macchiato, cappuccino , shaken, Moroccan, etc…



Since the late 80s, the espresso takes on a leading role also in mixing thanks to the idea, precisely in those years, of the Espresso Martini. Joined the list IBA since 2011, the cocktail based on vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso is born, according to the most accredited hypothesis, in London. The inventor would have been Dick Bradsell of the Freds Club and the origin of this idea can be attributed to the request of a customer, a young model, who asked for something that would wake her up and make her lose her mind. From the birth of the famous cocktail to today, espresso has become part of the recipes of many other cocktails, different from time to time, born from the inventiveness of bartenders. No one has so far managed to match the popularity of this cocktail, which we report below official IBA recipe.



5 cl of vodka

1 cl of Kahlúa

1 espresso coffee

Liquid sugar (according to personal taste)



Cool the cocktail glass by filling it with ice cubes. Shake the ingredients, then pour the cocktail into the glass, after removing the ice. Decorate by placing three coffee beans on the surface.



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