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The new cocktails on the menu from March at BULK - the mixology food bar of Giancarlo Morelli inside the 5-star Design Hotel Viu – are dedicated to sustainability, taste, aesthetics, health and gourmet contaminations, a sensorial experience to be shared. That's why the new drink list was titled Share Your Experience.

Among the novelties on the menu, the famous and much loved one cannot be missing Gian Tonic, signed by Chef Giancarlo Morelli and made with Schweppes Tonica Premium. To create this exceptional cocktail, the Chef wanted to rely on quality by selecting from the refined ingredients the Premium Schweppes Tonic, a product well known to MT Magazine because already part of the selection available to the bartenders competing in the Mix Contest Italy Tour. This product belongs to the Premium Mixer line, created ad hoc by the world-famous Spanish bartender Javier de las Muelas, and dedicated to mixology.


The collection was created to satisfy the needs of drink lovers, thanks to the design of its bottles, the natural aromas, the perfect dosage of sugar and its inimitable bubbles which make the carbonation and perlage persistent until the last sip. In the three flavors, Original Tonic, Pink Pepper Tonic and Hibiscus Tonic they were designed precisely to emphasize the flavor of the distillate, giving greater pleasure to the palate.

The BULK staff, led by bar manager Ivan Patruno, has created this new drink list to create moments of true taste - ranging from sweet to bitter, from fruity to aromatic to spicy - creating 20 new cocktails capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. 


Sustainability: in 2019 the challenges will be aimed at reducing waste - even in the bar - both from the food point of view, by reusing in a balanced way products destined to be discarded (peel chips, infusions and syrups), and from the environmental point of view, reducing maximum use of plastic (for example using paper straws).

Lightness, taste and health: drinks suitable for any moment of the day are increasingly in demand, without having to give up taste. Cocktails with reduced alcohol content allow consumers to better appreciate the drinks, while still maintaining the flavor unaltered. As in the restaurant, to further enhance the taste of syrups and centrifuges, most of the vegetables and herbs used come from the Bertarello Organic Farm, for which the chef has been a consultant for many years now.

The use, even in the cocktails, of the highest quality raw materials and the reduced calorie content, using only fruit sugars, make the Bulk cocktails unique and inimitable. 

Aesthetics and Instagrammability: aesthetics are often required in the creation of a cocktail; a well-executed cocktail also makes it easily shareable on social media. The trend followed is that of the so-called "drinkstagrammers", who through social networks have made mixology accessible to a much wider audience. In fact, in the new BULK menu, hashtags and tags are also suggested for each cocktail.

Customers today want to drink better, not necessarily more, and there are more and more of them often looking for new sensory experiences, original flavors (spices, herbs,

contaminations with the kitchen) and of superior quality drinks, and not only that spirits but also quality tonics for mixing.

Gian Tonic was born from a trip I took abroad about 12 years ago.

I knew the classic gin and tonic but wanted to give the original recipe a try extra push, a touch that made it, at least to my palate, more


Upon returning to Italy I decided to create a gin and tonic that represented me. After various tests I found what for me was the perfect balance and, in a

moment of lightheartedness and sharing with some of my boys arrived the idea of giving it a name that would make it even more "mine", hence the name 

Gian Tonic.

The setup, which follows the same concept underlying my cooking, led to the Gian Tonic which is now loved by my customers: G Vine

Floraison Gin, juniper, lime zest, Schweppes Premium Tonic and bergamot.

The preparation ritual? Obviously it's top secret!


  • – Giancarlo Morelli –



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