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It is not always easy, in a world that innovates and renews itself so quickly, to have a finger on the pulse of one's origins and above all to discover their contemporary declinations where these are passed off, more or less consciously, as novelty. Now, the fact that mixology has a centuries-old history is certainly not in question, but how much of the great historical cocktails is there and will continue to be in the creations of today's and tomorrow's bartenders?

The answer is simple: it will form the basis, always and in any case. This is not to the detriment of innovation, of course, but to its support and completion, as if the classic were a kind of root of the modern, a characteristic that can be applied well beyond mixology if we think about it. The great drink will forever remain cloaked in an iconic aura, linked to the characters who drank it, described it, recommended it and sang about it in the past, rich in a history that differentiates it from any other product yesterday and today.

However, how many of these classics are known to the general public? And above all, which of these are the favorites of cocktail bar goers? 

Hamish Smith, a journalist from, took on the task of answering this question Drinks International, the magazine founded in 1972 in England which has always been a point of reference for trends and developments in the universe of alcoholic beverages in the world. The research conducted by Smith involved a simple questionnaire submitted to 106 bartenders around the world: what are the 10 cocktails you prepare most in your bars?

Cross-referencing the data, these are, according to Drinks International, the 50 most drunk classic cocktails in 2018:

50. Cuba Libre

49. Sangria

48. Brandy Julep

47. Paloma

46. Hanky Panky

45. Black Russian

44. Caipirinhas

43. White Lady

42. Clover Club

41. Bramble

40. Old Cuban

39. Mint Julep

38. Corpse Reviver

37. American

36. Ramos Gin Fizz

35. Zombies

34. Bellini

33. Vesper

32. Rob Roy

31. Piña Colada

30. Gimlets

29. Champagne Cocktail

28. French 75

27. Aviation

26. Cosmopolitan

25. Tom Collins

24. Sidecar

23. Blood & Sand

22. Amaretto Sour

21. Vodka Martini

20. Dark 'n' Stormy

19. Pisco Sours

18. Mai Tai

17. Old Carre

16. Gin Fizz

15. Penicillin

14. Bloody Marys

13. Sazerac

12. Boulevardier

11. Aperol Spritz

10. Mojitos

9. Espresso Martini

8. Moscow Mule

7. Manhattan

6. Margaritas

5. Daiquiris

4. Dry Martini

3. Whiskey Sour

2. Negronis

1. Old Fashioned



On the cover: Bar Cavour, Turin. 

Cocktail: The Stage – Octavius, Milan[:]

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