[:it]Compagnia dei Caribbean has created four cocktails for Valentine's Day[:]



Today is the day of Saint Valentine and what better idea to celebrate it than to drink a cocktail? Compagnia dei Caribbean has proposed four for the occasion, with different styles and a minimum common denominator: the exaltation of a product of society in a loving key.



A cocktail that celebrates passion with the warm tones and sweetness of red fruits.
The preparation is simple: 45ml of Mantua Diplomat, protagonist of this intriguing recipe, 20ml of rosé wine and a teaspoon of raspberry jam to intensify its taste and colour. Mix everything with 15ml of fresh lemon juice and 5ml of vanilla syrup, strain into a cup and serve with decorations of rose petals or raspberries, for an even more romantic touch.



A cocktail, fresh, fruity, frothy.
A unique recipe, created by an exceptional bartender Marco Zampilli, owner of Rude di Roma, and included in the book Caorunn Cocktail Collection written by Simon Difford. It provides a base of 50ml of Caorunn Gin, 30ml of fresh apple juice and 25ml of lemon. Pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice and add 15ml of cinnamon sugar syrup and 15ml of pasteurized egg white. Strain into a chilled glass, garnish with a cinnamon-dusted apple cube and serve on a toothpick placed on the edges of the glass.




A full-bodied, strong cocktail with character.
To prepare it you need three key ingredients: 35ml of Diplomático Reserve Exclusiva, which defines its main flavour; 15ml of Amaro Mandragola, which gives it intensity; 45ml of cold coffee, which identifies its fresh and energetic essence. Pour the mixture into a highball glass with cubed ice and stir. Decorate with a chocolate chip and a red shamrock flower for a flawless finishing touch.




An elegant, intense, fragrant and, above all, bright cocktail.
For the realization you need 5cl of Carlo Albero White Reserve, which gives it body and flavour, 1.5cl of Cachaça Magnifica and a few drops of Amaro Mandragola. Mix the ingredients and serve in a cup to enjoy a sparkling explosion of perfectly balanced flavours.
To make it even more special, decorate the stem of the glass with a Pungi Fiore.



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