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Empathy, “the ability to immediately place yourself in another person's state of mind or situation, with little or no emotional participation”. On this topic Bob Milan, the cocktail bar led by bar manager Cesar Araujo, has just launched the new Empathy drink list. “We chose the theme of empathy” said Cesar “because our relationship with customers was fundamental and, first and foremost, we want to thank them for their trust”. The menu features the most popular combinations in recent menus - such as raspberry-hibiscus and lemongrass-cloves - and revisited in a new and different way.


Eight I am the signatures of the list – two long drinks, two old fasioned, two sours and two after dinner – behind which, in some cases, there are cocktails that customers would still like to order. “We prepared an Old Fashioned with popcorn, the note of which we took up in the Immature, a cocktail prepared with wild turkey bourbon, Old Fashioned syrup and popcorn”. Others, however, are twists on classics like Dreamers, "a Pisco Sour with the addition of lemongrass, cloves and clairin, a sugar cane distillate".


They are accompanied by signatures four proposals of Old Fashioned and the same number of Whiskey Sours, confirming the venue's strong propensity towards whisky, a spirit present in the venue in over 100 predominantly American labels. The graphic aspect of the menu instead plays on subtle notes, with the aim of personally interpreting the concept of Empathy by representing the new drinks like animated objects that become statues and interact with an architectural environment inserted in a minimal formal context, stripped of every accessory element.


Here are the 8 signatures on the list.



Mezcal Del Maguey Vida

Chazalette Extra Dry Vermouth

Jalapeño cordial

Yellow Daikon

Celery bitters



Technique: Shaker

Decoration: Daykon Yellow

Glass: Old Fashioned



E•LY•SIAN: (Peaceful and Perfect)

Gin Hendrick's

Friendly at Kaffir Lime & Jasmin Tea

Water, sugar, 3dash Rhubarb Bitters

Rhubarb Bitter

Tonic Fever Tree


Technique: Build

Decoration: Lime Kaffir

Glass: Collins



DREAMERS: (Dreamers never lose)

Clairin Municipal

Pisco Fontana

Lemongrass and Clove Syrup


Egg white


Technique: Shaker

Decoration: Colored drops

Glass: Fizz



SAV•AGE: (Wild but delicate)

Wild Turkey Rye


Hibiscus & Raspberry Syrup


Egg white

Top Soda Fever Tree


Technique: Shaker

Decoration: Raspberry Powder

Glass: Cup with low stem




CARPE DIEM: (The joy of today's pleasures)

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel BOB

Montenegro O/F banana and Sichuan pepper syrup

Soda BOB


Technique: Build

Decoration: Rectangular Ice – Dehydrated Banana

Glass: Fizz



IM•BUT•TURE: (The funniest people I've ever met)

Wild Turkey Bourbon 101

O/F syrup BOB



Technique: Build

Decoration: Round ice

Glass: Cup



NAKED: (Customary and Natural)

Vodka Russian Standard Platinum


Kind regards BOB



Top Pas Dose 18 months HOOK


Technique: Stir&Strain



FIKA: (Slow down and Appreciate)

Methuselah 15yr

Bitter Montenegro

Coffee Bean Infusion

Angostura bitters

Cardamom perfume


Technique: Build

Decoration: Large ice cube – coffee beans

Glass: Old Fashioned



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