[:en]Drinks International publishes the ranking of the 100 most important bartenders in the world and there are also 5 Italians. [:]


The 2019 ranking of the 100 most important bars and bartenders in the world drawn up by Drinks International has finally been released and, surprise, there are also many Italians! We say "surprise" because generally international rankings snub Italy, focusing more on England and America, despite the fact that Italy and its great bartenders have made the history of international mixing.
Fortunately, thanks above all to the qualitative and quantitative growth of high-level cocktail bars, today our country can also have its say in the world, and the ranking that we will soon show you will confirm this.

In fact, there are 5 Italian bartenders who appear there, 3 of whom work in Italy:

Simone Caporale, The Connaught, London

Ago Perrone, P(oor), London

Diego Ferrari, Milan

Mario Farulla, Baccano, Rome

Leonardo Leuci, Jerry Thomas, Rome


Compared to the World's Best Bars ranking, which did not include even one Italian among its ranks, the Drinks International ranking rewards what in our country could be defined as a Renaissance of national mixing, increasingly under the spotlight, curated, technical and international . In fact, for a few years now, the public's appreciation and the attention of the trade press have rewarded the commitment of the many professionals who work every day behind the bar counter, increasingly dynamic and capable of intercepting contemporary trends without forget the great Italian philosophy, which especially in 2019, with the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Negroni, is proving to have a lot to say.

Let's enjoy the complete ranking then here.




  • Carlos
    12/12/2022 at 12:34

    In Italy we have very good bartenders. Having only three in this ranking seems small to me.
    Simone Mole, Vittorio Pagliara, Daniele Abrugia, Salvatore Calabrese, Vanzan and many others are no exception.
    It's difficult to make these rankings.

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