[:en]What do we drink on August 15th? Here are the 5 cocktails recommended by MT Magazine [:]

[:en]August is at the halfway point and the time has come for MT Magazine's advice for Ferragosto. Here is a selection of five very fresh cocktails for the "hottest" day of the year!



The prince of summer, one of the freshest cocktails there is. Whether it is due to its fresh and thirst-quenching taste or its "exotic" origins, there is no city bar or chiringuito on the beach that, with the arrival of the summer, does not start serving exorbitant quantities of the cocktail of South American origin that from for years, or rather centuries, it has delighted and refreshed generations of drinkers during the torrid summer evenings.

Here are the tips for making a perfect Mojito:


4 cl of Cuban white rum

3 cl of lime juice

7 hierba buena or mint leaves

2 tablespoons refined white cane sugar




Place two teaspoons of white cane sugar and the lime juice in a tall tumbler. Mix carefully, add the mint and press it gently (caress it) with the pestle. Add the rum and finish with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.


Bloody Marys

Inspired by Queen Mary I Tudor, known as Bloody Mary, this cocktail is certainly among the most curious and well-known in the world, not only because of its color but above all its ingredients, which have made it one of the most transversal drinks in the world. IBA (International Bartenders Association), excellent both as a "pre" and an "after-dinner".

Here are the tips for making a perfect Bloody Mary:


4.5 cl Vodka

9 cl of tomato juice

1.5 cl of lemon juice

2/3 drops of worcestershire sauce

1 pinch of celery salt and black pepper

Tabasco QB


The cocktail can be shaken or mixed slowly, the schools of thought are different but the result is the same. Decorate with a celery stalk



Fresh, citric, more or less sweet depending on taste, the Margarita is an elegant cocktail that goes perfectly with tasty and spicy dishes. Despite what you might think, it can be consumed in any season of the year, although the hot months are probably those in which it offers the most pleasant sensations.

How to prepare it? In the meantime, get yourself a Margarita glass or, alternatively, a Martini glass and fill it with ice.


3.5 cl of Tequila

2 cl of Triple-Sec

1.5 cl of fresh lime or lemon juice.


Lightly wet half the rim of the glass with a slice of lime and dip it in a cup of salt. Squeeze the lime or lemon and filter the juice. Place all the ingredients in the shaker and shake vigorously for about ten seconds. Then pour the drink into the glass and enjoy your Margarita!


Moscow Mule

Its birth is due to the meeting between two American entrepreneurs, who shared the difficulty in selling, in the United States, two products that they marketed in the rest of the world: Vodka and Ginger Beer. John G. Martin put vodka, Jack Morgan instead his Ginger Beer, the one he just couldn't get off the ground and thus gave rise to a new cocktail, to which they also decided to add a bit of lime to further push the lively note given from the ginger of Ginger Beer.

Here is the recipe for a perfect Moscow Mule:


Vodka: 4.5 cl

Ginger Beer: 12.5 cl

Fresh lime juice: 0.5 cl

1 slice of lime.


The procedure is as follows: fill the cup with ice and add the Vodka to the Ginger Beer. Then add the lime juice and garnish with a slice of lime.


Gin Tonic

Simple, timeless, versatile. The Gin Tonic is one of our bartenders' favorite cocktails, a fresh drink that lends itself perfectly to warm summer evenings both as a pre- and after-dinner drink. In 1794, the German chemist Johann Jacob Schweppe invented soda for medical use and when the English colonized India they brought with them the new product and gin, which they soon combined by enriching the recipe with lime.


4 cl of Gin

7 cl of Tonic Water

1 slice of lime



Place the ice and gin in the tumbler. Rub a lemon or lime peel on the rim of the glass. Finally, add the tonic water. Mix gently with a long teaspoon.



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