[:it]Floor 35, Simone Sacco at the helm of the most panoramic lounge bar in Turin[:]

[:en]Air of novelty at lounge bar on Floor 35: the start-up phase has just ended under the guidance of the talented barlady Cinzia Ferro and the baton now passes to Simone Sacco, son of the starred chef Marco Sacco, already at the helm of the restaurant in the Turin skyscraper.

Very young - just twenty-four years old - Simone Sacco is certainly not without important experiences in the world of mixology: in London he first worked at Dry Martini together with Javier from Las Muelas and then atArtesian, which is on the list of the 50 best bars in the world.

Under his guidance, an equally young team: it is a team of seven under 30s, who will alternate between the room and the counter, offering the public a menu capable of surprising, from which they can choose from a list of cocktails called "I Soliti Classici”, composed of mixes that are still little known in Italy, and a list called “Gli Insoliti”, among which you can find famous, but revisited, drinks.

There is no lack of creative dialogue between the lounge bar and the kitchen of the skyscraper: the cocktails can be accompanied with the proposals of the Street Food above Turin and with i Crostoni, or you can try an experience of food pairing with the Volzhenka caviar – among the finest quality – accompanied by butter and Russian bread.

Two are the watchwords of this new page to be written about the skyscraper lounge: very high quality of the ingredients used and great attention to sustainability, with the total abandonment of straws in a plastic-free perspective.[:]

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