[:it]Giardini d'Amore, the Italian liquor laboratory arrives in high quality mixing[:]

[:en]We met them during the second stage of the Mix Contest Italy Tour (Taormina, August 2018) and since then we have fallen in love with it, after all the name "Gardens of Love” it must mean something, right? You'll excuse the perhaps slightly banal play on words, but this all-Italian line of liqueurs is truly capable of moving the senses, giving life to something very similar to love, at least if, like us, you are always looking for products with a soul beyond packaging. Not that the Giardini d'Amore liqueurs lack presentation, this is certain, because with a view to complete sensorial involvement, the different varieties are placed inside what could easily be mistaken for a bottle of perfume, elegant and without a shadow of a doubt original.

Well, this Sicilian liqueur shop which appeared on the scene just over three years ago exalts the Mediterranean and its flavors with products made according to the artisanal criteria of the past, fishing for and fishing out those excellences that have always characterized the Italian territory and beyond Alone. Among lemons, wild fennel, prickly pears, liquorice and many other extraordinary raw materials in their simplest and most natural expressions, the Giardini d'Amore line moves gracefully in search not only of taste but also of the naturalness of the product, with a work that starts from the ingredient, passes through its processing and arrives in the glass pure or mixed.

And it is here that Giardini d'Amore realized perhaps a long-held dream in December 2018, namely that of officially entering the world of high-end mixing through 1 cocktail list, created by 10 of the best bartenders in Italy (several of whom are already known to the readers of MT Magazine), which aim to enhance Italian fine liqueur through the products of the Roccalumera laboratory, in the province of Messina.

A series of cocktails coming from the minds of masters of mixing who aim, thanks to the products of Giardini d'Amore, to enhance during 2019 the great Italian liqueur tradition, which in recent decades has suffered, more for fashion than anything else, the competition from foreign liqueurs and spirits to which, we have to say, it has never had anything to envy.

The bartenders and cocktail bars who participated, in collaboration with The Masters of Cocktail, in the creation of the Giardini d'Amore cocktail list are:

Massimo d'Addezio, Chorus Café, Rome

Diego Ferrari, Rotonda Bistro, Milan

Paolo Sanna, Banana Republic – Rome

Alessandro Antonelli, Lifestyle Hotel, Rome

Luciano Ferlito, Romano Palace Luxury Hotel, Catania

Alfio Liotta, Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea, Messina

Alessandro Melis, Pandenus – Milan

Michele Salerno, Kajiki, Messina

Savini Caffè – Milan

The Cocktail Masters[:]


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