[:it]Gastromixology Nigh by Gin Mare, the 4-handed dinner with Davide Scabin and Filippo Sisti[:]


Davide Scabin, Chef of Combal.Zero, 1 Michelin Star and Filippo Sisti, Head Bartender of Talea in Milan, present the Gastromixology Night by Gin Mare, the event that on Thursday 13 December will combine gastronomy and mixing within the ancient walls of the Castello di Rivoli


Those who produce Gin have always known it: mixing ingredients, aromas, experiences and traditions is the only possible way to create a great product, different from all the others.

As if they were two precious botanicals, ready to merge and give rise to a superb distillate, Davide Scabin, the starred Chef of Combal.Zero in Rivoli e Filippo Sisti, the Head Bartender of Talea in Milan, will create a four-handed dinner with a markedly innovative and multi-sensory character.

The two champions of gastronomy and mixology, enlisted by Gin Mare, responded enthusiastically to the challenge launched by Compagnia dei Caribbean: to create a new, unprecedented format that takes guests along a five-course journey from aperitif to dessert between food and mixing.

If you are imagining the usual food-pairing you are off track, because Filippo Sisti, interpreter of a new mixing philosophy known as "Liquid Cuisine", will amaze with real dishes/cocktails that will marry the creations of Davide Scabin, whose creativity visionary certainly needs no introduction. For the occasion, the Talea head bartender will reinterpret Cold Fusion, an iconic dish from the Combal.Zero chef, thanks to Gin Mare.

The Gastromixology Night by Gin Mare will therefore be staged on Thursday 13 December at 7.30pm. The venue for the event will, of course, be the elegant Combal.Zero in Rivoli, nestled within the walls of the Castello di Rivoli.




– Zuppizza

– Steamed sandwich, tongues, liver pate and red sauce


– Parmentier cream, composed of sea urchins and black truffle


Pairing drinks: Gin Mare Tonic aperitif with jam

bergamot and bitter oranges


Seated dinner

– Pineapple fillet with sea gin colada, spelled and burnt almonds,

shiitake mushroom brine and Mediterranean powder

Edited by Filippo Sisti


– Chitarrino, foie gras, oysters au gratin with sour cream

Edited by Davide Scabin


– Sucrine cedrata extract and water 22

Edited by Filippo Sisti


– Fireside Fassona, ratte potato puree, wasaby mayonnaise

chicken broth

Edited by Davide Scabin

Drink by Filippo Sisti


– Coconut ice cream, dandelion, pollen mustard

Edited by Filippo Sisti


– Immersive Dessert: 2010 Cold fusion with a process of

Gin Mare carbonate

Edited by Davide Scabin and Filippo Sisiti


– Midnight bomb

The cost of the evening is €165.00

For reservations: http://www.tobevents.it/gastromixology/



It's a fact: cooking, like any art form, evolves so quickly that it's not always easy to keep up. Perhaps, if you think about it, it is not by following trends that you manage to create something truly new, which will remain so for years to come. Perhaps trends should be anticipated, not with a view to creating fashions but with the sole purpose of giving voice to one's needs for expression, which in the case of artists cannot be silenced simply. Fortunately. Those who have always followed Davide Scabin know this well: he is someone who has truly always been ahead of his time, just think that his Cyber Egg, a dish that is still considered among the most innovative and iconic of haute cuisine today, it was invented in 1997 and has survived twenty years of age unscathed.



His new Talea in Milan speaks only one language, that of avant-garde Mixology (where by avant-garde we mean that set of artistic tensions that find their trait d'union in the need to create) applied to refined raw materials coming from every part of the world and worked with haute cuisine techniques. Not just Italian cuisine of course, but cuisines from all corners of the Earth, suggestions and gastronomic traditions that lend their age-old knowledge to the art of mixing, ending up making Talea almost the modern equivalent of a starred restaurant, so studied are the cocktails in the ingredients, in the combinations and in the presentation.[:]


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