[:it]OnestiGroup enriches its portfolio with new products and brands[:]


From today, Thursday 10 September, OnestiGroup enriches his portfolio with new products and brands of international importance. The company, founded in 1986 from the idea of Emilio Onesti and based in Fiorenzuola D'Arda (PC), adds companies of the caliber of Three Cents, one of the most well-known brands of artisanal sodas and tonics produced in Greece and to be enjoyed neat or mixed to give character and flavor to cocktails, Bitter Bastard, a lively and refined liqueur based on sweet and bitter oranges, vanilla, rhubarb and other spices produced by Gianni dall'Olio and Francesco di Gioia, former creators of Bitter Violento, and Twin Fin Spiced Rum, a secret recipe of spices distilled in a Cornish copper still, then blended with a Jamaican rum and a light Dominican rum.

In addition to these important inputs, the range of products of the brands that the company already distributed is also extended, with the entry of the following references: Generous Purple Gin, Tarquin's Gin Navy Strength, Tarquin's Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower, Damoiseau Concordia Rum, Damoiseau Shrubb, Del Professore Pickled Vermouth, Del Professore Vermouth Whiskey Finish, Reàl Guava and Lychee, Bouché Cremant Prestige .

But the news, for the thirty-year-old company whose corporate vision is "District of beverage" by virtue of the objective of discovering quality and unique products in the beverage sector, does not end there. To further strengthen its already important solidity, OnestiGroup has decided to expand its reach into the publishing and perfume sectors. This explains the distribution respectively of books by Davide Staffa, from the collection of readings to drink with a cocktail 'Readrink' and it's 'Jerry Thomas' great cocktails' and, as regards the second category, of AQVA DI GIN food sanitizing fragrances by Bespoke Distillery “spirit club”, with multifunctional food and personal use.[:]


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