[:it]Interview with Walter Gosso, Advocacy Manager of Rinaldi 1957[:en]Interview with Walter Gosso, Advocacy Manager of Rinaldi 1[:]

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From August 24th to September 13th, in 16 large Italian or coastal cities, Rinaldi's 1957 Street Cocktail Tour was held. On board the Don Truck, the van that left Bergamo and returned to Milan with graphics inspired by Don Papa, one of the company's four brands, a summer drink list was prepared consisting of six cocktails, served in compliance with the regulations safety.

To learn more about the initiative, from the background to the problems encountered during the itinerary, we interviewed Rinaldi 1957 Advocacy Manager Walter Gosso.


When and how did the idea for the Street Cocktail Tour 2020 come about? What was the purpose and how did it happen?

It all started during the lockdown period. As a Rinaldi 1957 company, we have had a lot of work in terms of social media and marketing. Staying at home, the brain started to process and together with Stefano Di Dio, the owner of OSCAR.697, through video meetings, we planned this Street Cocktail Tour. It was a heartfelt idea. It was the desire to get close to people, close to our customers, to our friends, with whom we have always been in contact. We wanted to bring positivity and joy through our work. We didn't want to create a pretext for gatherings, but to provide additional support to the bars.


Which brands distributed by Rinaldi 1957 were involved?

Don Papa was the heart of this project. The other brands involved were Ramsbury Single Estate Gin, our English product, a new company that wants to make itself known, OSCAR.697, the vermouth by Stefano Di Dio, who followed us on the tour, and Mangaroca Batida De Côco, a brand to which the Rinaldi family is very attached.


What cocktails did you prepare during the tour?

I have prepared a very summery drink list of 6 cocktails, including the Tropical Negroni with Don Papa Rum aged 7 years, OSCAR.697 Rosso, Batida De Coco Mangaroca and fresh pineapple, La Vida es un Carnaval, which recalls a historical Latin song for remember that sometimes you should take some situations more lightly, with Don Papa Rum aged 7 years, Batida de Coco Mangaroca, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Saffron Syrup and Dehydrated Pineapple Slice, and the Wild Oscar!!! , with Oscar.697, ginger syrup, Secret Bitter, Salted Paloma soda, a grapefruit soda, and marshmallows.


Which were the most popular?

The most appreciated was the Gin Tonic with our Ramsbury Gin because, as we know, today it is a very trendy cocktail.


Have there been any problems with Covid-19? What measures have you taken to stem it?

We started with positivity, knowing that if we had any problems we could solve them. We had almost no problems, because we were the first to convey safety and respect the rules. We gave away certified Italian masks, produced by Oscar.697, in all the cities we visited, to all the guests of the places we stayed in, even those who didn't order our cocktails. We have always respected the rules, working with masks and sanitizers and demanding that customers wear them. We found people who were very polite and respectful of the rules, with a lot of civil responsibility.


Will you repeat the Street Cocktail Tour experiment?

You will find out in a future video, if it appears on Facebook.


Street Cocktail Tour

Street Cocktail Tour

Street Cocktail Tour[:]


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