[:it]Live Victoriously: the GreyGoose campaign that celebrates small daily victories[:]


Live Victoriously was launched on Wednesday 3 July at The Stage in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan: a new campaign by GreyGoose, one of the best-known premium vodka brands internationally.
According to a study conducted on more than 800 Italians aged 20 to 35 by GreyGoose, in collaboration with the Trade Lab research institute, the Millennials of the country are united by a general sense of optimism dictated by the propensity to live every day in a victorious manner. small and large conquests of life, celebrating small daily successes. An approach to life called “Live Victoriously” – an expression that gives its name to the campaign – and which according to experts is the recipe for success.
The invitation is therefore to follow this philosophy of life that GreyGoose, thanks to the Live Victorious Tour,
will try to spread throughout Italy by stopping in some of the best cocktail bars until January 2020.

The campaign, already launched in London and New York last April 16th, also arrives in Italy, where with a dedicated tour in the main cities and tourist locations it will encourage customers, who will be able to taste the eight drinks specially created for the occasion by the bartenders Alex Frezza and Mario Farulla, celebrating everyone's small and big moments.


Gray Goose is a luxury product, but this positioning has also compromised our ability to fully connect with consumers; in fact Gray Goose is often reserved for very special occasions. Live Victoriously seeks to change this perception and encourage consumers to recognize that they are the special occasion and that every moment is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories”. This is how Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer of GreyGoose, explains the idea behind the concept, which is aimed in particular at the generation of the new millennium, chosen as an emblem of the "Live Victorious" attitude.

For this reason, the protagonists of the launch evening of the initiative were two successful Millennials, the chef Floriano Pellegrino of the Bros' Restaurant in Lecce and the jewelry designer Beatrice Bongiasca, who told how it was precisely their small victories that pushed them towards the major goals that made them famous.

The barman Alex Frezza, a Neapolitan of London origins who likes to call himself Cocktail Steward, dedicated four of the eight cocktails of the new edition to them Live Victoriously drink list, for which chef Pellegrino has created matching finger foods.

The Calypso-oh, based on GreyGoose vodka, orgeat, Blue Curaçao syrup, limoncello and lemon juice and designed to celebrate friendship, was accompanied by an orgeat foam, created by the chef to evoke the taste of the summers spent as a boy in Puglia with his friends.  
The Basilisk, where vodka is mixed with aloe juice, sugar syrup, lemon juice and basil, dedicated to successes in work, was combined with a pepper toast, which thus gave life to a mix composed of two of the symbolic ingredients of Pellegrino's Mediterranean cuisine, such as basil and pepper. 
The Coco-Merlo, made with watermelon water, sugar syrup, lemon juice, GreyGoose vodka and fresh mint, designed to celebrate the couple's small successes, was accompanied by a finger of Acetate Watermelon, which recalls the sweetness of love and, together , the sour note that a relationship sometimes brings with it. 
The Welcome Pinafinally, in which GreyGoose vodka mixes with lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, pineapple juice and maraschino, celebrates sporting victories and, combined with a fake apricot, evokes chef Pellegrino's past as a rugby player, and in particular the period in which he used to eat dried fruit with his teammates before and after training.


Below are some of the next stops on the Live Victorious Tour. To stay updated on all the dates: https://www.facebook.com/GreyGooseIT/


3 July – Milan

13 July – Sartoria 33, Massa

27 July – Pietrasantese, Pietrasanta

3 August – Extremadura, Verbania[:]

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