[:en]Tequila Patrón launches Perfect Moments to inspire the creation of “at home” cocktails[:]


In May Tequila Patrón launches Perfect Moments, a series of initiatives aimed at bartenders and consumers to encourage them to recreate at home those perfect moments associated with our favorite drinks while waiting to be able to return to the best bars. Created in collaboration with the platform dedicated to mixology Coqtail Milano, the project was born from the desire to remain close to the community of bartenders by providing motivation and ideas to fuel their creativity and the search for perfection even in a home-made version.

With the help of two professionals of excellence in their respective fields, Perfect Moments invites 12 bartenders from all over Italy to try their hand at creating the perfect cocktail with a special Patrón kit. Perfection that involves both balance of flavors and stories, and visual balance that makes the cocktail Instagram-proof. Cristian Bugiada, expert in agave spirits and founding member of La Punta Expendio de Agave in Rome, and the famous photographer Alberto Blasetti will share tips and advice for creating a successful drink that lives over time.


Through the Patrón Perfect Moments kits, bartenders will be able to put into practice the tips of Bugiada and Blasetti but also the advice that Coqtail Milano will reveal in the Magazine to create effective social storytelling around their liquid work. Each kit will contain a bottle of the super premium Patrón Silver tequila, a Patrón signature bar tool and a light box to capture the perfect image of the drink and share it using #patronperfectmoments #shareyourhomemadedrink. Bugiada and Blasetti's tips will appear on IGTV on May 15th and all the creations that will be developed and shared by the bartenders will then be collected in a recipe book that can be downloaded from the Coqtail Milano magazine.

Patrón Perfect Moments will also see a series of events aimed at consumers with the aim of reconnecting them with their favorite bartenders and creating cocktails together during an interactive home-made aperitif. The Patrón Cocktail Club will start on May 13th with mixed drink professionals from Milan, Rome, Palermo to London, live live from the Instagram profile of @coqtailmilano. Furthermore, Patrón will provide a limited edition cocktail kit with shaker, lime squeezer and strainer free with the purchase of Patrón Silver on Winelivery (link to the kit available from May 13th) so as to give the tools necessary to create the perfect drinks to those cocktail lovers eager to try their hand at mixing with the most popular super premium spirit of the moment.


Patrón Cocktail Club live calendar

Here is the live Instagram appointment calendar to create Perfect Moments and drinks with Tequila Patrón and Coqtail® Milano:

– May 13, 6.30pm – Patrón Cocktail Club Mexican Edition – A series of Mexican cocktails par excellence with agave expert Cristian Bugiada from La Punta di Roma

– May 16, 6.30pm – Patrón Cocktail Club Girl Edition – An all-female event with Chiara Mascellaro and Giulia Cuccurullo – Camus from Palermo and Artesian from London – to create new flavors with the ingredients of their kitchens

– May 20, 6.30pm – Patrón Cocktail Club Italian Edition – A meeting of the Mexican drinking tradition with the classic Italian aperitif signed by Federico Volpe of Dry Milano

– May 23, 6.30pm – Patrón Cocktail Club Summer Edition – A proposal of summer and refreshing blends based on fruit and seasonal ingredients with Marco Tavernese of IT, Milan

To prepare for the first live show with Cristian Bugiada and celebrate World Cocktail Day by toasting to Mexico, here are two classic Patrón recipes that will be prepared live on May 13th:


Patrón Tommy's Margarita


60 ml Tequila Patrón Silver

30 ml Fresh lime juice

15 ml Agave syrup

1 slice of lime


Pour the agave syrup, Patrón Silver and lime juice into the shaker. After shaking vigorously, pour into a short glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of lime and salt on the edge to taste.


Patrón Paloma


50ml Tequila Patrón Silver

90ml Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice / grapefruit soda

15ml lime juice

Slice of grapefruit or lime


Pour Patrón Silver into a tall glass with ice. Add the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice/grapefruit soda and lime juice and garnish with a slice of lime or grapefruit, to taste.



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