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The Big Book of Vermouth of Turin is the new reference text on Vermouth, the most famous of Italian flavored wines.

Its production, which began in the 18th century, experienced an extraordinary development in the second half of the 19th century, with a very important production in the Piedmont area, among the Moscato hills, and a clear international affirmation under the aegis of its Turin identity.

The events that led to its success in Italy and in many countries around the world are related to many multifaceted and multifaceted factors.

This book presents in depth all the great richness that lies at the basis of its social identity and its production context. It is a journey to a planet yet to be discovered, which enchants and surprises. Its charm is full of the scents of aromatic herbs and exotic spices, of crystalline wines, of golden, amber, intense and brilliant colors, of harmonious tastes, rich in complexity, with that very pleasant bitter finish. Vermouth very demandingly requires the best care from those who have to produce it. There must be a lot of knowledge to get the best: familiarity with the properties of plants, wise uses of extracts and wines, careful examination of the organoleptic profile.

Almost like magic, which however takes advantage of the progress of science and oenological technique. And it doesn't end there: Vermouth is also at the center of the colourful, tempting, attractive world of advertising. What unforgettable images were created for his advertisement! And what colourful, wonderful labels with the name Vermouth have toured around a thousand countries. Not only good to drink and a source of economy, but also a strong social ritual, Vermouth is a consummate protagonist: from its uses on the noble tables of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the "true aperitif time" of Turin, remembered by Paolo Monelli, to aperitifs around the world, with toasts in a thousand places and in many different languages, up to today's happy hour. Fashions, tastes and aromas appreciated globally, however, must always deal with the uniqueness of Vermouth and the value of its identity linked to Italy, Piedmont and Turin.

This is a remarkable heritage, which must be carefully protected and safeguarded from various aspects: as a type of wine, as an origin, as a production method, as communication on the label. This book serves to understand every aspect of this extraordinary mosaic, through the interventions of authors who are specialists and have profound knowledge of the topic they deal with.



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