[:it]The new drink list has arrived from Carlo and Camilla in Segheria[:]



From Carlo and Camilla in the sawmill was presented new drink list. The bar manager Nicola Romiti presented a menu of 10 cocktails divided into two sections. “We created five cocktails for the section From the Family and just as many for that True Classics & Twists. The former are reinterpretations of great mixing classics under the lens of liquid cuisine. To make the second courses, however, we start from scratch, taking inspiration from the products that the season offers us." Among the cocktails designed for the occasion, two in particular best represent the philosophy of the bar manager, the Fortunella and the Fiesta Y Fuego. "The FortunellaDue to its acidity, it is more suitable for aperitifs and dinners. We prepare it with Johnny Walker Black Label, Aperol reduction, jasmine and lemongrass, with a very intense floral bouquet, meringues, to give creaminess, kumquat wine and soy honey.




The Fiesta Y Fuego, on the other hand, is a liquid dessert which has peaks of acidity and salinity and which we have kept on the menu because it is in great demand. We prepare Vodka, White Amaro, baked mango, orange salted caramel, Catalan cream foam”.


Fiesta Y Fuego


In the new menu, i cocktail I am protagonists also in combination with chef Luca Pedata's dishes, in particular in the 7-course tasting menu, in which two are served, respectively at the beginning and at the end of the meal. “The first cocktail we serve is an aperitif with Amaro Bianco, white vermouth, tonic water and Sangiovese bitters. The final drink, however, wants to be one recreation, in a liquid key, of tiramisu. We used a vodka base, a mix of ladyfingers and cold brew coffee, white chocolate and mascarpone foam, bitter cocoa and ladyfinger powder”.[:]

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