[:it]The new Dugas “Discovery” line by La Maison du Rhum is also available in Italy[:]



The New Discovery line of La Maison du Rhum, a super premium collection of rums made up of exceptional bottlings, is also available in Italy thanks to the distribution of Rinaldi 1957. The characteristics of each rum are expressed through the origin of the product and the strong personalities of the master distillers. The type of still, the refinement and the vintage guided François-Xavier Dugas (administrator of the French distribution company of the same name) in the research and selection of unique products, among the most famous distilleries in the world. With the Discovery line there is particular attention to the world of mixing, because the entire line has been designed specifically for bartenders both in terms of rum profile and in terms of aesthetics.


 LA MAISON DU RHUM – New Discovery line

  • Paraguay – white 100% organic
  • French Antilles – Agricultural white
  • Barbados – 5 year old molasses rum
  • Panama “ANEJO” – finish in Sherry Palo Cortado, molasses rum



White rum made at 100% with pure organic sugar cane juice, from Paraguay. Explodes in hints of tropical fruit. To be enjoyed neat or on ice.




White rum distilled in the French Caribbean from pure sugar cane juice. Explosion of floral and exotic scents. The best solution for preparing cocktails and t-punch.




Rum aged five years in Barbados in barrels that previously held Bourbon. Round and spicy on the palate, it can be consumed neat or in excellent drinks.




An Anejo Rum from Panama in full Spanish style, born from the lush lands of Central America. After a year in American oak barrels, it ages for three months in Palo Cortado Sherry barrels which give it roundness and a hint of sweetness.



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