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Christmas is getting closer and closer and, in order to make known all the gift initiatives that have started from cocktail bars, we have made an in-depth selection of those proposed by research brands in every corner of Italy. We asked them what they thought and some replied that they honored their loyal customers with some gifts, others that they activated takeaway and home delivery of cocktails and, still others, ideas specifically designed for Christmas.

Below is the list in geographical and alphabetical order.





For Christmas, Affini created the Jar Box, a selection of 6 ready-to-drink blends in a jar. The cocktails created by the team led by Michele Marzella can be purchased from 100 Vini e Affini, the group's new outpost within Green Pea, the new hub dedicated to sustainability opened next to the first Eataly point of sale, or on the Eataly website. cocktail bar. With each jar you can make 3 cocktails and the choices made were: Winter Boulevardier, Sunshine Negroni, Dolcevita, Spicy Negroni, Nuvolari and Americano ufficio. On the site you can also purchase some selected spirits, 4 different types of boxes (Green/Black/White Box and Deluxe Edition), branded t-shirts and three limited edition glasses from the Millennium project, dedicated to the characters who made the history of the first 2000s.

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Bar Cavour

The Turin cocktail bar in Piazza Carignano, whose mixing proposal is headed by Marco Torre, has created two gift boxes for a special evening: theBar Cavour aperitif with snacks, with two cocktails to choose between Negroni and Martini, and three savory snacks and la Zacapa Enchanted Dinner, a special menu for two people created in collaboration with Rum Zacapa, with two dishes cooked by the bar chef Andrea Carle, small vials containing Zacapa 23 together with coffee infusions, edible fragrances to spray on the glass and Zacapa rum chocolates to accompany tasting. All wrapped up in an ad hoc Spotify playlist that can be accessed via QR code. Like every year, there is also the possibility of giving away three different vouchers: Cocktail experience, Dining experience And Luxury experience.

For info and reservations:

011 1921 1270




The trend of canned cocktails was also ridden by the owners of D.One, Vanessa Vialardi and Simone Nervo. The choice of drinks, by the cocktail bar in San Salvario, focused on 12 different choices, including classic cocktails, historic ones on the menu and those to be warmed up to allow those who taste them to enjoy the winter evenings.

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The San Salvario cocktail bar, born from the minds of Umberto Ponti, Andrea Montanino and Alberto Gallo, has recently created branded t-shirts in two color combinations, sold both to take away and at home, and a selection of cocktails , to also be delivered to your home. The gift idea par excellence are undoubtedly gift cards, worth 25 and 50 euros, with the possibility of inserting a dedication and, also in this case, having them delivered to your home.

For info and reservations:























The grocery store

The venue in Piazza Vittorio, which in January will inaugurate La Drogheria Bar Academy, a new training project led by bartenders Michael Ciaccia and Sergio Pisu under the direction of bar manager Martina Franchini, has designed two packages for Christmas: Cocktail Pack and Christmas Pack. The former allow the customer to create a good cocktail at home and are of 3 types: Americano Pack, Gin Pack, Daiquiri Pack. The Christmas Packs are the classic "Christmas baskets", designed to help people discover more sought-after producers and even less known in the area and beyond. Among the four choices, two are linked to mixing: the €45 pack with a choice of vermouth, a pack of Corallo chocolate and Pariani dried fruit and the €100 pack with a bottle of your choice of Whisky, Rum, Cognac, a pack of chocolate Corallo, a box set of Stainless Cubes and a mixology book of your choice.

For info and reservations:


339 86 44 800






















The Turin venue in the Mirafiori area, represented behind the counter by the figure of Giuliana Giancano, having never been just a cocktail bar for Christmas, has decided to focus on collaborations with young artists and small entrepreneurs - portrait artists, make-up artists, hairdressers and bloggers - who had found the opportunity to express their art in themed evenings in the rooms. The result? Packs with spirits, personalized cocktails, drink cards that can be consumed in the bar, Christmas earrings, themed bubble baths, portraits or caricatures, hand-painted Christmas baubles and the 2021 agenda of two Turin bloggers with all the advice on our initiatives city for 365 days. Every customer who places an order - which starts at the price of €5 and is delivered in Turin and the first belt - will also have a personalized gift.

For info and reservations:
























Gradisca Cafè – Genoa

The restaurant of Giulio Tabaletti and partners has launched a worthy initiative a few months ago. It's called Gradisca Spirits and consists of the creation of ready-to-drink spirits in the 100 ml format. The target is mainly cocktail bars and the four references, produced by Casoni, are Gin 969, Bitter UAU, Aperitivo Centoventitré and Vodka 31r. The same products were the protagonists in the other idea of the restaurant: a takeaway and home delivery service of the ingredients necessary to create five great classics, Gin and Vodka Tonic, the Moscow Mule, the Spritz and the Negroni.

For info and reservations:

340 226 8502


























Monkey's Bar – Imperia

The Imperia venue, which has activated the takeaway of some great mixology classics, has created the tasting boxes for Christmas, boxes priced at €20/25 with samples of alcohol and possibly glasses, in which there is a QR code. The purpose? Refer people to a guided virtual tasting with the ambassador of the product in question. Another idea by Antonella Bellini and Matteo Mazzetti was to create branded t-shirts and sweatshirts, sold at the price of €25 and €35 respectively.

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The Balance – Savona

Paolo Baccino and Tiziana Borreani's cocktail bar, which has activated home delivery and takeaway of cocktails in and around the city, has recently opened a neighborhood e-commerce site. The references? Liqueurs, wines, beers, spirits. Alternatively, again as a gift idea, it is possible to purchase cocktail kits prepared by the venue upon customer request.

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The Merchant – Venice

The Venice cocktail bar, represented by the figure of Alessandro Zampieri, has recently packaged 3 of its own canned cocktails: Moskow Molentis, Donn's Secret Collins and Easy as an Apple Pie. In addition to being purchasable individually, the cans can be ordered in boxes of 2 or 4 cocktails, also choosing between the Paloma and the Americano from the guys at Zest at Querto Lab. In the larger box there is also the possibility of choosing a glass free gift between the Skull Mug Don Julio or the Julep Cup Bulleit. Everything can be purchased to take away at Frari coffee.

For info and reservations:

339 6289870
















The Soda Jerk – Verona

The Venetian venue has created the Jerk Gift Boxes, nice boxes with 5 cocktails, and all the instructions for preparing them, and 3 sweet savory snacks. The cocktails created by Claudio Perinelli and his team are the Margarita, with the kit for rimming the glass with Maldon salt, El Giannissero, the Old New Fashioned, the Americano Jerk, the Tanqueray Tonic. The packages also include straws, napkins, coasters and all the garnishes for cocktails. The price of the Boxes is €50 for takeaway and €65 for home delivery.

For info and reservations:

045 2375108


























Bob Island District:

Cesar Araujo's cocktail bar in Milan has already launched its own home delivery service for cocktails paired with bao and dumplings for some time now. The same service, managed behind the counter by can be an excellent idea as a Christmas gift. Active every day from 4pm to 10pm, the service menu is visible on the site, delivery in 30 minutes up to 3.5 km, costs 5 euros but is free above 50 euros. The cocktails are available in 125, 250 and 500 ml formats and are six: Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Boulevardierr, Gimlet and Cosmo.

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The place led by Luca Marcellin created the drinc.box and the drinc for Christmas. git card. The former are a selection of 3 different 250 ml cocktails, for approximately 6 people, with a small accompaniment of dry snacks, at the price of €50. The latter are a gift idea for an experience in one of the group's venues, with a cocktail tasting worth €40. Third and final idea of the drinc. is Mezzolitrodiamore, 50 cl cocktail, choice of Negroni, Old Fashioned, Boulevardier, Gin-vodka Martini and Gin – vodka gimlet, at the price of €35.

For info and reservations:





























The Milanese restaurant led by Agostino Galli has decided to pay homage to its loyal customers, giving them masks, branded t-shirts and a bottle of Fernet Branca 175th Anniversary Xmas Edition created in collaboration with the company, available for purchase in large-scale retail trade and at airports. The package is part of the line that the brand created for Christmas, also in collaboration with three other Milanese companies: Ceresio7, Mag Cafè, The Stage Octavius.
















Pinch Spirits & Kitchen

The place which has its bar manager in Erik Viola sells single drinks or boxes of 6 at the price of €35, which can also be delivered to your home. In this case, there are no garnishes, but only the essence of the drink. The same place has created the Jubevji Game Set, a board game with pieces, 4 shots (penances of the game) and a bottle of your choice between a bitter and a spirit, and the Cocktail Sets, gift kits designed to make your own drink, like the Martini Cocktail, at home.

For info and reservations:






























Rita & Cocktails

The well-known Milanese venue, whose cocktail section is led by Leonardo Todisco, has thought of many initiatives. There are our 30 and 50 euro gift vouchers to give an evening at Rita or Rita's Tiki Room, the ginger falernum produced by Edoardo Nono together with Memfi Baracco, at the price of €24, also available in a packaging with diplomatic rum mantuano at €56. Cocktails can also be purchased at home, with the possible shaker/jar, the Tiki's Room shirt, and remote aperitifs for distant employees. In this way, everyone can exchange greetings before the holidays, while drinking a good drink. There are two solutions, a first at €25 and a second at €35 excluding VAT, containing two drinks of your choice and gourmet snacks.

For info and reservations:



















Rufus Cocktail Bar

The Milanese venue led by Alessandro De Luca proposed two gift ideas: a confirmation and a novelty. The first is the walking Negroni, the iconic cocktail bottled in branded bottles, while the second is the possibility of purchasing a bottle - amaro, gin, rum, ... - which can be kept in the club's cage. When the premises reopen, with the appropriate key you will be able to start tasting the contents.

For info and reservations:

02 3673 5293































Rust – Bologna

While waiting to launch e-commerce, Davide Patta's Bolognese restaurant has created its own cocktails in bottles, to be delivered with takeaway and home delivery, between 5 and €6 each. Some examples? Americano and Negroni, but there are also spirits, always packaged in bitter-sized glass bottles, such as gin, vodka and tequila.

For info and reservations:






























Ropes 1898 – Montecatini Terme

The cocktail bar in Montecatini Terme, a reflection of Francesca Funi's passion, after activating home delivery and takeaway, decided to give loyal customers a drink and a voucher for 2021. The reason? According to her, there will be plenty to chat and drink.

















Mad – Souls & Spirits – Florence

The Florentine restaurant, whose protagonist behind the counter is Lorenzo Aiosa, has created the "Christmas '20 survival kit", a little gift for the most loyal customers delivered personally to their home, which is made up of small gadgets to face this very anomalous Christmas , with a smile. Inside, a glass with an exclusive Mad graphic, created by the Ergonauth studio, everything needed to prepare a "Survival Negroni" (three miniatures of vermouth, bitters and gin tied together for a perfect pour), some mandarins and two nativity scene characters selected ad personam for each recipient of the hamper. The basket, in its irony, aims to lighten this difficult period for all those who have done so much for the place. Furthermore, the venue is preparing New Year's Eve packages, which can be booked via customers' social pages to spend a night in perfect Mad style.

For info and reservations:




























LAZIO – Rome


Argot Prati

For Christmas, Gianluca Melfa's new Capitoline opening, a cocktail bar but also restaurant, has created gift cards worth €15 (aperitif or lunch), €30 (two aperitifs or lunches), €40 (two aperitifs or lunches). "grandmother's" lunch, only for the weekend). The gift cards are delivered in an Argot headed envelope also containing their drink list.

For info and reservations:
























The Capitoline cocktail bar (and also restaurant) has recently launched home delivery cocktails which, at the price of €8 each, can be purchased from the specific website or from the venue's app. Paolo Sanna's proposals are fifteen in total: from the Manhattan to the Negroni Sbagliato, passing through the Daiquiri and the Gin Fizz. Ice is always expected and delivery is active in and around the city.

For info and reservations:

06 372 3291

















Blind Pig

The Blind Pig guys, led by the visionary Mattia Ria, didn't sit back and watch right from the start. It was their idea, already in March, to launch cocktails in cans, with the Extra Roma project. The packaging also takes place in the restaurant and, having immediately been a successful idea, several cocktail bars turned to them to purchase the canning machine. If the project started with just one ingredient, they have now reached three: Gin Tonic, Paloma and Spritz. The format is only 500 ml, to which the 330 ml will be added and, most likely, other new recipes. Drinks can be purchased to take away - the Gin Tonic and Spritz for €9, the Paloma for €10 - during the restaurant's opening hours.

For info and reservations:

06 8775 0714





















Drink Kong

The restaurant led by Patrick Pistolesi, who recently launched the new website, also has a section dedicated to e-commerce. The items that can be purchased are NIO cocktails, exclusively to be poured into a glass into which ice is added, and Drink Kong branded material. T-shirts, hats, masks, menus, pins, bags and backpacks are delivered throughout Italy and around the world. The beautiful presentation is thanks to the graphics by Alessandro Gianvenuti – Studio Lordx and the photos by Alberto Blasetti.

For info and reservations:






























The Punta Expendio de Agave

For Christmas, Cristian Bugiada's restaurant which focuses heavily on Agave, has decided to offer the Paloma Kit, a package which, thanks to the contents of 1 700ml bottle of Espolon Tequila Blanco, 1 sachet of salt, 6 bottles of soda Grapefruit Thomas Enry, 1 leaflet with instructions, allows you to recreate one of the restaurant's best-sellers at home. The kit was created in collaboration with Espolon and also contains 2 Paloma glasses with Espolon logo and 1 Espolon T-shirt. You can buy it at the restaurant on Sundays, or at the online shop of the Jerry Thomas Emporium.

For info and reservations:

320 785 8288


























Dry Martini Sorrento by Javier de las Muelas – Sant'Agnello (NA)

The only Dry Martini by Javier de Las Muelas cocktail bar in Italy has recently launched the DRYAway project, a site where you can purchase cocktails made by Lucio D'Orsi, with home delivery. If you want to give a Christmas gift, you must not miss the Golden Heritage, a proposal developed with Belvedere Vodka, "a tasty after dinner to be savored comfortably at home, with a golden appearance, suggestive and characterized by the scent of chocolate that binds to the citrus notes, with the addition of the hot note of chilli".

For info and reservations:






























Clandestine Roots – Caserta

For Christmas, the Campania cocktail bar owned by Tommaso Russo has decided to create take-away packages with its bottled drinks. The bottles are 500 ml in size and contain 5 or 6 drinks, designed to be served directly from the freezer at -18°C. The choice? Negroni, Manhattan, Martini, Vodka Gimlet, Old Fashioned and Penicillin or, upon request, the restaurant can try to satisfy all tastes.

For info and reservations:



































Bohème Mixology Bar – Catania

The cocktail bar from the large Sicilian province, whose partners are Salvatore Longo and Bruno Arena, has created the Christmas Bottles, 300 ml ceramic bottles, for Christmas. The content? Pre-mixed cocktails, two or three per bottle, including timeless classics and house signatures, such as cooked Negroni, Yarai cocktail and Emerald smash. The price is €30 for the single bottle and €50 for the pack with two.

For info and reservations:

095 250 3340

















Highlander Pub – Piazza Armerina (EN)

The pub in Piazza Armerina, led by the Scroppo brothers, has created a truly innovative service. The experience accumulated over the years is made available to its customers with a free telephone or video consultation on the choice/making of cocktails and the correct pairings, also with regard to spirits, on the occasion of parties.

For info and reservations:

334 3584843

349 0766287



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