[:it]Irish Coffee, the cocktail that has been warming our winters from Ireland for more than 70 years[:]

[:en]Whether we like it or not, autumn is here. Ahead of us are the coldest months of the year and it is perfectly useless to pretend that it is still summer and continue to order Mojitos in the hope of seeing the sun, palm trees and crystal clear water emerge. Apocalyptic scenario? Far from it! Autumn, and with it the plummeting temperatures, open the way to a series of more enveloping and comfortable alcoholic possibilities, and we are not talking about vin brulee, although the drink is cloaked in an indisputable charm, especially in the regions further north of the Peninsula.

The IBA itself, the International Bartenders Association, offers a series of hot drinks that are ideal for spending the cold autumn and winter evenings, one above all the famous Irish Coffee. As the name itself suggests, this famous drink was born in Ireland, in Foynes to be precise, even if, as often happens, the origin remains unclear. Some maintain - and it is the most accredited hypothesis - that its invention can be attributed to Joe Sheridan, head barman at Shannon airport in Ireland, who in 1942 served it in the middle of the night to passengers on a canceled flight. In an attempt to warm them from the external frost - it is said - he prepared a particularly strong coffee to which he added sugar and whisky, finishing everything with a cream garnish.

Shortly thereafter, Irish Coffee spread throughout the world, effectively becoming one of the most plagiarized cocktails in history, so much so that under the same name you can find different types that often have nothing to do with the recipe. original which, according to IBA regulations, we report below:


4 cl of Irish whiskey

9 cl of hot coffee

3 cl of cream

1 teaspoon of brown sugar


Heat the Irish Whiskey and pour it into a glass together with the hot coffee. Add the sugar and garnish with the cream.[:]


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