[:en]The red cocktail par excellence reveals its secrets… [:]

[:en]Mary I Tudor is one of the most famous queens of England, known above all for having had a rather high number of political and religious opponents executed, during an overall rather short reign (1553 – 1558), an activity which earned her the the nickname by which she is still known today: “The bloodthirsty”. 
You may be wondering why this little history lesson, but the more astute will have already understood: today we're talking about Bloody Mary. The origins of the name of this well-known cocktail are actually more uncertain than it seems: if some in fact support the evidence of the dedication to Maria La Sanguinaria, by virtue of the bright red color of the drink, others instead believe that it is a The evolution of a cocktail previously inspired by Mary Pickford, one of the most famous Canadian actresses of the early years of Hollywood, winner of two Oscars (in 1930 and 1976), whose reddish hue was given by grenadine and maraschino. 

The cocktail is certainly among the most curious and well-known in the world, not only because of its color but above all its ingredients, which have made it one of the most transversal drinks of the IBA (International Bartenders Association), excellent both as a "pre" than as an “after-dinner”. Famous are the appearances in iconic television shows such as Will & Grace, in which Karen Walker used to drink in quantities "that you humans" while playing her alias, Anastasia Beaverhausen.  

Here is the IBA recipe for preparing Bloody Mary

4.5 cl Vodka

9 cl of tomato juice

1.5 cl of lemon juice

2/3 drops of worcestershire sauce

1 pinch of celery salt and black pepper

Tabasco QB

Decoration: celery stick

Technique: throwing


The cocktail can be shaken or mixed slowly, the schools of thought are different but the result is the same. [:]


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