[:en]Savory cocktails are a reality, but how are they born?[:]

[:en]The trend of the summer? It seems they are, or were, the savory cocktails. Not exactly new, if we want to be honest, considering that at least two of the most famous blends in the world have salt among their ingredients.

In fact, we remember the Margarita, known for the salt garnish on the edge of the glass, and the Bloody Mary, two cocktails we have already dealt with.

But we are not just talking about Bloody Mary or Margarita, since savory ingredients in cocktails seem to be increasingly appreciated by bartenders, who can use them to create new and captivating taste games and at the same time balance the classic flavors that we know well.

Whether it comes from spices, vegetables or gastronomic processes, flavor gives rise to new sensorial suggestions, capable of reinterpreting even a great timeless classic such as the Martini, where (for some time now to tell the truth), some bartenders have usually added to the Martini and the olive brine adds to the Gin, a reference to the typical cocktail garnish and a way to make it different but at the same time faithful to its original recipe.

If your summer isn't over yet and you're in the mood for something new, don't miss the cocktails sprayed with sea water, without forgetting those garnished with herbs such as glasswort for example.

We must not forget the infinite pairing possibilities that cocktails offer with food. When the mix is salty, obviously, these multiply and become capable of providing a true 360° taste experience to anyone who feels curious enough to try it.



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