[:it]Fortune and future of Gin at The Gin Day 2019 Milan[:]

[:en]For some it has finished its course, for others it is only just beginning. As if they were pictorial periods of Picasso's memory, alcoholic trends have demonstrated in recent years that any spirit that rises to the headlines can collapse in consumption and distribution in just one season. So, one has to wonder, what will happen to gin? 

Some, as we were saying, argue that the fortune of the famous distillate is running out, while others are convinced that it is only just beginning and that 2019 is even the year of its definitive consecration. In support of this last thesis there are sales data and the leading role that gin continues to have in a certain cultural sector close to mixology and in entertainment. 

Among the supporters of an imminent consecration of gin are the organizers of The Gin Day, a two-day event entirely dedicated to gin which will be staged on Sunday 8 and Monday September 2019. Here is the program 

Seminars, internships, free and guided tastings, bar shows will be just some of the initiatives of an event that will talk about gin for two days to all enthusiasts and experts in the sector. The aim is to investigate every nuance of gin, from production to sale, from the collection of botanicals to their processing, without forgetting the sensory analyzes that will compare products made in many countries around the world, including Italy.

The organizers say:


With gin we are faced with a phenomenon of global scope, capable of radically changing the culture of drinking, from production to serving. It is not, therefore, simply a matter of the rediscovery of great classic cocktails which have brought a centuries-old product back into vogue: attention is increasingly also turning to the smooth or simply mixed product in the most exemplary Gin&Tonic and Martini Cocktails which are also protagonists for this event of a another fun match, this year brought to the tennis court – in the last edition it was in a boxing ring!


The appointment is therefore for Sunday 8th and Monday 9th July in Milan. To find out more about accreditation methods and the event click here.[:]


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