[:it]A Cocktail Amaro[:]

[:en]Born from a rib of Mix Contest, the event that involved more than 60 bartenders in a competition that touched the cities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome, A Cocktail Amaro it is a new format that intends to lead guests along the fascinating journey of mixing with bitters.


A cocktail amaro will be staged on Monday 18 June at the Sala dei Duecento of Eataly Torino Lingotto. 10 Cocktail Bars will compete, represented by their bartender or their reference barlady, in the creation of two mixes, a pre-dinner and an after-dinner, strictly based on Amaro Montenegro.

The complexity will lie in using a product such as a bitter and mixing its strong and bitter notes with ingredients capable of giving life to a unique product that is highly pleasant and easy to drink. A Cocktail Amaro will be the first Turin contest in which the role of amaro in mixing will become that of a protagonist in all respects, as has been happening at an international level for some time now.

Each cocktail bar will submit its creations to the public who will participate in the event and to a jury made up of industry journalists and mixology professionals, who will be asked to judge the competitors' cocktails for pairing, balance and originality.


The competing cocktail bars are:

Inside, with Marco Riccetti

Central, with Sergio Pisu

Related, with Michele Marzella

D.ONE Turin, with Vanessa Vialardi and Simone Nervo

Swing, with Luca Granero and Antonio Masi

The grocery store, with Carola Abrate and Federico Patrizio

Krimikal, with Cristian Panetta and Christian Badalucco

T Club, with Fabio Rolle and Paolo Gabrielli

Joint, with Alice Dosio and Giorgio Savini

Barz8, with Antonio Felipe Santos Burgos


The winner will be chosen by the votes of the public plus those of the technical jury.

The appointment is for Monday 18 June at 7.30pm in the Sala dei Duecento of Eataly Lingotto.




The second edition of MT Magazine by Menu à Porter, the guide to the best cocktail bars in the cities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome, will be distributed free of charge to event participants.[:]


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