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Those who know us already know, but today we want to introduce ourselves to all of you who have never heard of MT Magazine...

MT Magazine is a paper and digital guide that brings together some of the best Cocktail Bars in Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome, places where mixology becomes art, experimentation, history and above all fun.

This is the deepest meaning of mixing: having fun and entertaining, studying new combinations, discovering unconventional tastes and flavors or enhancing those already known, always with the idea of creating something unique and personal. 

Inside MT Magazine you will find detailed profiles of many Cocktail Bars and Lounges of large hotels, with a focus on the true protagonists of the art of mixology: the bartenders. You will discover their tastes, their stories, the reasons that pushed them to practice a profession made of so many sacrifices and just as much passion, a profession that sometimes goes beyond the meaning of the term in the strict sense and becomes creative tension, listening , comparison and suggestion. We will take you inside each venue not only by telling you the stories but also through images, so that you can, even just by imagining it, try to mix your curiosity with what you will feel when you enter those same venues, driven by the desire to approach with a different eye, an art that more than any other is rigorous, extemporaneous and long-lasting at the same time in the memories of those who embrace it.

MT Magazine is a free press that is produced in paper format once a year, to then be distributed in all the cocktail bars present in the guide and during the events of the communication and events agency To Be. 

In addition to the paper guide, mtmagazine.it was born in recent months, a portal in which we have collected all the cocktail bars present in the paper edition and which we will update in real time with new entries, news, interviews and events concerning the world of national and international mixing.  



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