[:it]Affini launches Millennium, 12 drinks dedicated to the protagonists of the early 2000s[:]


A project created to tell the story of an important decade, to react to the current crisis due to Covid-19 and the new restrictions. This is Millennium, the new idea launched by Affini, born from the desire to play with the imagination and the rediscovery in a drink key of men and women who made history in the first decade of the 2000s. A journey through time marked by twelve drinks, totally new and creative and inspired by classic cocktails. Each "Millennium" proposal will be limited to 100 and will be accompanied by as many personalized glasses that the one hundred lucky and timely consumers will be able to take home as a souvenir or to create their own intriguing collection.


The Millenium cocktails can be tasted at the Affini restaurant in Porta Palazzo Riv.2, in Piazza della Repubblica 3 (8am-6pm), or collected as a take away formula together with the personalized glass. To inaugurate the project, Monday 2 November, it will be there “Obama – Mama” cocktail, in homage to the former US President Barack Obama, one of the undisputed protagonists of the beginning of the century, but also to the Bahama Mama drink made famous in the TV series Scrubs.


Obama Mama is an exotic mix of rum, banana and cocoa, a tribute to President Obama's Hawaiian origins, to be enjoyed on Sunday afternoon, imagining the sea, thinking "Yes, weekend!". In the following weeks, Millennium will bring to the fore other cult characters in their fields of expertise, from Eminem to Kobe Bryant, from Dawson's Creek to Gladiator just to name a few.



Directing the Millennium project and behind the counter is Michele Marzella, head barman of the Affini Group, in the company of his colleague Martin Marchetti, while the graphics of the glasses were created by the Turin designer Francesco Lo Pomo.


“The “Millennium” project started months ago from a simple idea and developed through intense and stimulating preparatory work – explains Michele Marzella – We thought carefully about how to link a peculiarity, or the assonance of the name, of a character , a famous film or song from the noughties. We liked the idea of creating a bond with our customers, of being able to create objects for them. For this reason we contacted Francesco Lo Pomo, carefully studied the graphics and thought about adding them to a series of personalized glasses, like when I bought Nutella as a child to make a "collection". Our goal is that the customer plays with us and can use our glasses at home too, perhaps assigning this or that character to the desired guest”.


“With Millennium we want to offer our customers a totally new experience. We want to accompany them on a journey through time and space, to discover our past and new flavours” – continues Davide Pinto, owner of the Affini Group. “Millennium's cocktails go beyond the classic Affini drink list and are limited in number, as are their glasses. Like all beautiful things, Millennium will have a beginning and an end: it was born to excite, to create new stimuli and provide intense flavours. It was born to ideally include and embrace all our friends and customers through an exclusive and imaginative project. Because even in this period it is not easy to be Affini, but it is damn beautiful”.[:]

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