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[:en]There were 7000 employees Bacardi who yesterday, all over the world, set the automatic reply "out of office" to their email inbox and went out to go to the bar. It was not a form of protest but rather an initiative by Bacardi itself: it is called "Back to the bar" and involves company employees spending a day "in the field" to pick up on trends in the world of cocktails while staying in close contact with bartenders, true custodians of knowledge in this field.

The initiative has reached its third edition and Bacardi, in conjunction with it, has published the "Bacardi 2020 Cocktail Trends Report", a report of the trends collected in 2019.

Some interesting data emerge from this report, among which:

– Conscious consumption is increasingly widespread, in fact 83% of bartenders say that drinks with low alcohol content are more popular and there was an increase in 42% in online searches for the term “mocktail” in 2019. (Technomic Behind the Bar Insights , 2019 and Google Trends, 2019)  

– Natural products are in the foreground: 31% of bartenders are increasingly interested in local and fresh ingredients. (Global Brand Ambassador Survey (GBAS), 2019) 

– The gourmet cocktail trend borrows methods and techniques from the kitchen and promotes fresh, seasonal, savory and vegetal ingredients: bartenders 91% uses vegetables in their cocktails and American Culinary Federation members 68% ranked gourmet cocktails among the “major trends” of the past year. (TechnomicBehind the Bar Insights, 2019) 

– Dark rum is in the lead in the premium segment: bartenders consider 43% the main fine spirit to offer to customers. (GBAS, 2019) 

– Sustainability is an important value for all consumers and this also applies to the bar: 66% of the bartenders states that sustainable drinks are very popular at the moment. (Technomic Behind the Bar Insights, 2019) 

To read the full report, click here.



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