[:it]Milano White Spirits Festival, 2000 labels for tasting[:]

[:en]Mark your diary: on 22 and 23 February in Milan at the Marriott Hotel in via Washington the Milan White Spirits Festival, now in its fifth edition. Two days dedicated to white spirits: gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal and the very Italian grappa.

Over 2000 labels present at the event, free entry (registration required here) and the possibility of tasting the spirits, with prices ranging between 2 and 5 euros per glass.

2000 labels are a lot and it is certainly not necessary to taste them all, but participants will have access to 3 cl miniature bottles that they can fill to calmly taste the spirits chosen during the Festival at home.

For the most passionate there will be the opportunity to participate in two free seminars, by registering in advance, here are what they are:

THE STARS' DRINKS (Saturday 22 February at 2.30 pm, speaker: Nicola Trespi). The cocktail in the cinema, from French 75 by Casablanca at the White Russian de The Big Lebowski; Ernest Hemingway, the ambassador of Caribbean cocktails; The Cosmopolitan between Madonna and Sex and the City; Martini Cocktails and Martinianis, from JD Rockefeller to James Bond via General Montgomery. (click here for accreditation)

LONDON N°3 GIN (Saturday 22 February at 4pm, speaker: Alessandro Palazzi). Alessandro Palazzi of the Dukes of London, the temple of the Martini Cocktail, talks about his most famous drinks, from the choice of ingredients to the ritual of simple and refined execution. A journey through the mixing and taste of cocktails that have made history. (click here for accreditation)

Then there is the possibility of participating in a Masterclass at a cost of 10 euros: the title is IT'S AN AGAVE WORLD (Sunday 23 February at 6.00 pm – Speaker: Francesco Pirineo, Brand Ambassador).

Here is the program: tasting of five expressions of the fascinating world of Agave: Tequila – Ocho, Ilegal – Mezcal, Raicilla – Ninfa, Rancho – Tepua Bacanora, Sotol – Coyote Triunfo del Deserto. (click here to sign up).[:]


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