[:it]Casa Martini, the iconic Italian brand turns 60[:]



The historic home of the Italian aperitif par excellence, for its 60th anniversary, opens its doors to the public to offer a real journey to discover the location which, for more than 150 years, has represented a point of reference for the tradition and innovation of the art of drinking made in Italy.


For his 60th birthday, Martini House organized one Martini experience sensational, which will take visitors into the beating heart of the Pessione plant, a few kilometers from Turin. The company of the same name has drawn up an annual calendar full of events that will allow you to get to know the iconic places and the secrets of the aperitif ritual from ancient times to the present day. The first date that will open the dance is that of May 18th where, on the occasion of International Museum Day, a guided tour will be carried out, which will be in person or virtual based on the health regulations of the moment, to reveal to the public the basic ingredient of its products: wine.



We are proud to have reached this milestone, we want to continue to make this unique place special which represents an important piece of Italian history. – he comments Marco Budano, Martini Brand Home Manager – To celebrate this important birthday we decided to organize visits to the museum collections and the factory and create experiences dedicated to mixology and tasting, to combine all the key elements of the Brand Home, elements that have allowed it to stand out in 60 years of history. Our goal is to make Casa Martini more and more interesting and for this reason we renew the offer every day thanks to numerous experiences designed to raise awareness of this elegant and hospitable place.


Martini House was founded on April 20, 1961 together with Martini Museum of the History of Oenology, the first wine museum opened in Italy, intended to welcome celebrities, journalists, industry experts, curious people and enthusiasts. A unique place that brings together a collection of over 600 objects on display, dating back to the 7th century. BC and the 1920s, created under the auspices of the Archaeological Superintendence of Piedmont and still considered today among the most prestigious collections in the world. As he tells us Anna Scudellari, Martini Heritage Curator, the museum tells “over 2,600 years of winemaking history which blends with the origins of vermouth. A testimony that passes through beauty, art, high craftsmanship and the tools of the production tradition in the sector”.


The absolute protagonist of the events, among the most famous ingredients of the Martini brand, will be wine. Defined by the same Fabio Pane, Martini Marketing Manager Italy, as “the basic ingredient of Martini Aperitifs, including the classic one Martini Rosso or the last born in the family, the Martini Fiero. – and adds – “In each recipe, aromatic herbs are added to the wine, expertly mixed following the instructions of the Martini Master Blender”.



Throughout 2021 it will be possible to take part in events that will allow you to get to know the three souls of Martini House: The Martini Museum of the History of Oenology, created in 1961 to illustrate the origins of wine culture, vermouth and aperitifs; there Mondo Martini Gallery which, starting from 2005, takes the visitor on a journey through the style of Martini, symbol of the Italian aperitif since 1863 and, last but not least, The Martini Discovery Tour, opened in September 2020, in a completely renovated look that will allow visitors to explore the places of craftsmanship, products and herbs of Martini's products; to end, finally, with a tasting in the tasting area Martini Bar and the inevitable possibility of making a purchase at the Martini Store.


Just a small taste of what is planned for the celebrations of 60th anniversary of Martini House. All scheduled events, online or in person, will be organized in compliance with the provisions to combat the Covid-19 emergency.[:]

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