[:it]Diageo presents a new Gin, and it's all Piedmontese[:]

[:en]The world of mixology has accustomed us to more or less long-lasting passing fads involving spirits, techniques and even glasses. Some argue that every product has its time and that what is on the crest of the wave today could be forgotten tomorrow. History is full of illustrious examples, even in mixing, but there is a spirit that seems well on its way to rewriting the rules: it is Gin. There are those who consider it the fashion of the moment, those who believe it is already dead, outclassed by the agave distillates which are becoming so popular on the Italian and international scene.

However, there are those who cannot help but notice how Gin has been permanently present, often in numerous references, in all the cocktail bars in the world for several years now and who, apparently, does not seem willing to give up its place to anyone, On the contrary. In fact, more and more distilleries are experimenting and creating new versions which are often welcomed with great enthusiasm by the public and professionals. It may be for its versatility or because it pairs well with most of the accessory ingredients of a drink, but we are quite certain that Gin will have its say in 2020 too. Like us, Diageo seems convinced, a world leading company in the alcoholic beverages sector present with over 200 brands in as many countries around the world, which in October presented a preview of a premium Gin of its own production and, above all, completely Piedmontese.

The distillery chosen for the creation of this interesting product is Villa Ascenti in Santa Vittoria d'Alba, in the Langhe, a place well known to Diageo because it is the "home" of Lorenzo Rosso, a highly experienced master distiller who was the protagonist in the study and creation of the new Gin.

The ingredients of the new Diageo product are a hymn to our hills: a Moscato, fresh mint, thyme and other Piedmontese herbs which are harvested and distilled a few hours later, a real sip of Langhe for a Gin that promises to amaze for organoleptic characteristics and quality.



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