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A reality born from the organic sector, in an adventurous and visionary way, when no one would have ever aimed for it. Now, seven years later, the Treviso-based company Bevande Futuriste is an example to follow in the Italian beverage panorama, with its quality creations also aimed at the world of cocktail bars. Among the partners, we spoke with the female face of the company, the Marketing and PR director Elena Ceschelli.


When and how was your reality born? Who are the members and why did you choose this name?

It was born in January 2014, from careful research on consumption outside the home carried out in 2011, analyzing above all women, who for us are a trend setter. We saw that there was a propensity towards non-alcoholic drinks and that at the same time there was a gap to fill, that of organic drinks. We therefore decided to focus on it, starting from the juice market, when everyone would have told us that it made no sense. We, strengthened by our experience, immediately threw our hearts over the obstacle, believing in our vision and mission, also demonstrated by market research and our analyses. Now, seven years later, the numbers prove us right and the organic and eco-sustainable trend is constantly growing. We are three partners in the company, all originally from Treviso. Alessandro Angelon, the one who created Pago Italia, was CEO of Red Bull and today is the head of Forno d'Asolo and Bindi, Alberto Zamuner, with important experience in Red Bull as a corporate and commercial organization, and I who come from from the world of corporate communication, public relations and the organization of large events. The name comes from a passion for futurism, from an artistic and cultural point of view. The concept is more linked to a way of being, to boldness, resourcefulness and the desire to break the mold, as we have done with our drinks.


Marketing and PR director Elena Ceschelli


What was the initial idea and how has it changed over time?

We are always faithful to our initial idea: Bevande Futuriste creates innovative, beautiful, good and organic products for the Ho.re.ca sector. We started with organic DiFrutta juices, to which various references have been added over time: the premium soft drinks of the Cortese line, refined and specialized for mixology - we now have 5 tonics and 2 ginger beers without colorants or preservatives - which represent our key products, ama_tè infusion green teas, in the three versions with lemon, peach and pomegranate, traditional Italian drinks - chinotto, spuma, gassosa - and the latest additions, TVbio fruit smoothies without added sugar, which can represent a 'excellent alternative to fresh juice.


Are your products also used by bartenders? Which ones are the most popular? How are they used?

When we were born, the idea was to focus exclusively on the organic world. In 2013 we picked up on the growing trend of avant-garde mixing, which was undermining previous principles. We understood that it could be a way to go and so we turned to the category with ad hoc products. We saw a lot of demand for ginger beer, tonic water, and tomato juice for the Bloody Mary. Another product, which gave us just as much satisfaction, was the Bitter Citrusy, a citrus soda with strong notes of mandarin, bitter orange, Italian lemons, pink grapefruit and Asian pepper. It is part of the premium Scortese line, born a year and a half ago, and is used in particular for the Paloma cocktail. Also in the same line we have an organic Italian ginger beer, with real fresh ginger juice, where the spicy notes stand out, accentuated by two blends of pepper and chilli. Regarding the method of use, we always leave a lot of freedom to the barman. There are those who prefer to use our products in classic cocktails, such as the Americano made with our soda, the Moscow Mule and the Gin Tonica, while those who, on the other hand, love to experiment with our teas and juices, even creating non-alcoholic or low-cost cocktails. alcohol content, such as Blueberry and co obtained with fresh lime juice, lots of ice and our blueberry TVbio, scented with a mint leaf.



What relationship did you have with them?

In recent years many friendships have arisen between me and the bartenders. One of Cortese's values is precisely the relationship of esteem and trust that has been created with the bartenders who collaborate with us, which was initially part of the sales and marketing strategy and then transformed, more often than not, into a real own friendship. I believe that bartenders, like chefs, are extreme professionals and, precisely in this regard, I want to help them emerge. I don't think it's right that they are not considered at the same level as restaurateurs or chefs, since they do the same job but with a different purpose. Furthermore, bartenders also have remarkable communication and hospitality skills. Among the many professional friends there are for example the owner of the Hawaiki Tiki Bar Samantha Migani, first friend and now our brand ambassador, Valeria Bassetti of Drink It, Samuele Ambrosi of the Cloakroom Cocktail Lab in Treviso and Gianni Dell'Olio of the Contrabar in Bisceglie.


Do you have any particular anecdote to tell us about it?

If I have to choose one in particular, the bar tours I did together with the bartenders. We moved from one city to another, on the occasion of events such as Florence Cocktail Week or Gin Day, and frequented the clubs of colleagues and friends. It was also an excellent opportunity for me to learn new things and see some wonderful hosts (“GUEST”) at work, the best of which was that of Samuele Ambrosi at Ozone in Hong Kong, the highest bar in the world.


Can you tell us about the latest line created, TV Bio?

TVbio is a range of products launched at the end of 2020, made up of 5 smoothies, all different from each other, but with many strengths in common. They are made from organic fruit at 100%, without the addition of sugars, stabilizers or artificial flavors. The five products are Mirtillo & Co, with blueberries, raspberries and red grapes, Mango & Co, with mango, orange juice and apple, Frutti Rossi & Co, with blueberries, strawberries, apples, red grapes and Goji berries, Pear and ACE.


Who was it designed for?

As in the first juices, we chose to focus on a philosophy rather than a precise target. TVbio smoothies are aimed at the youngest audience, thanks to their sweet taste and velvety consistency, and at the adult and sports audience, thanks to their richness in minerals and the absence of added sugars. They can be eaten as a snack or after a workout. As with the other products, these can also be used in mixing, at the discretion of the bartender.



What projects have you carried out with the bartenders so far?

Right from the start we created a very solid bond with the bartenders, which is why we developed some projects with them outside the canonical context. An example was the book Il Piccolo Barman created by Flavio Angiolillo, who had this dream to realize and we helped him realize it. It is a book in which the figure of the bartender is told from a psychological point of view. Another project was Anthologyn, a book created with our first collaborator and consultant in the sector, Samuele Ambrosi. He wanted to make his passion for gin and tonic available to everyone and the result was a manual for gin and tonic lovers, in which culture is created and in which gins and tonics are classified in a table in a very analytical way, encouraging the choice of the preferred combination. Always together with him we are building the entire Scortese line, which was born together with his studio, in our research and development laboratory. Among the new products, our sixth tonic water is in the planning stage. Another project was Barman in Pantofole, born during the lockdown, thanks to a discussion with my collaborators Patrizia and Ilaria, to involve both the bartenders who were at home and the final public. In this column, which took place on Instagram, each professional prepared a very simple cocktail to create culture and to invite customers, on the occasion of their next visit to a cocktail bar, to go beyond the "usual".


Are there any new projects in progress?

Yes, many. We plan to increase the products in the Cortese line, a fantastic review of ama_tè and much more, always organic and healthy. We know that it will still be difficult for the bartenders, but we are willing to stay close to them, even with help, whether it be material or promotions.


What's your favorite cocktail?

The Manhattan. When I go to a nice place for the first time, I always order it, because I like it so much and because it allows me to understand the bartender's style and what studies he has done, obviously I strictly take it at the counter. My drink par excellence, which I drink at all hours, is the Gin Tonic, because it is not at all banal and there are at least four details to pay attention to in order to make a perfect one: type of glass, ice, zest of lemon, and tonic-gin combination, I would also add storytelling.



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