[:it]The great Mixology celebrates the first year of the Nuvola Lavazza[:]

[:en]So different, yet ever closer. One comes from the exotic lands of South America, the other is born, grows and explodes in Europe. One is called “black gold”, the other “the art of mixing”. They are coffee and mixology, two philosophies even before a product and an art.

Cocktail with coffee? They have long since been cleared, and don't think of the 90s workhorse known as Irish Coffee: this is where it gets serious. Coffee in powder form, infusions, gelatin, even air. This is what mixology has proposed to black gold to blend together in an embrace that we will hear about for a long time.

Well, maybe they won't mix with coffee this time, but for the birthday of the Lavazza Cloud, one of the Italian and global coffee temples, a barlady and three exceptional bartenders, selected by To Be in collaboration with Compagnia dei Caribbean and MT Magazine, met to amaze with cocktails.

It has changed the face of an entire neighborhood, a structure open to citizens, based on sustainability and the recovery of old pre-existing factories, completely renovated and returned to the city. La Nuvola Lavazza was born in the Aurora neighborhood a year ago, where Luigi Lavazza began his adventure.

On Saturday 8 June the Nuvola Lavazza plant will be the location that will host an evening of great mixology, quality food and entertainment.

It is the opportunity, for great mixing, to polish itself up and make itself known for what it is: a timeless history, nourished by great masters, products and techniques, cloaked in the legends of its most important actors, rich in a celebrated charm in literature and the arts.

It is no coincidence that four of its current best performers have been called to celebrate such an important event, but let's see in more detail who they are:


Filippo Sisti: born in '83, barmanager of Talea in Milan and previously of Carlo e Camillo in Segheria, he is the creator of a new way of seeing mixing, increasingly closer to the innovative concept of "Liquid Cuisine" of which he has been the spokesperson for years now. Macerations, fermentations, infusions, tinctures and perfumes which are created thanks to the use of kitchen tools, such as ovens, plates, smokers and blast chillers. Fresh and natural products, processed as in the kitchen but served in cocktails.

Ezio Canetti: born in Naples, he grew up in the family restaurant where, from a very young age, he discovered a visceral passion for cocktails which led him to move to London and become, over the course of a few years, General manager for the well-known Dirty cocktail bar chain Martini. In 2016 he moved to Barcelona where he held the role of barmanager at Old Fashioned and trainer at the European Bartender School. In Barcelona you will also have the opportunity to become a Vantguard brand ambassador.

Lucio D'Orsi: born in '79, after training in Italy and Switzerland he began working for the IHG chain as the first Barman and then as Bar Manager. His passion led him to quickly become a trainer, consultant and above all a point of reference in the Food & Beverage sector. In 2010 he began his journey at the Majestic Palace Hotel, where he is currently General Manager and where his passion for catering led him to the opening in 2014 of the Don Geppi Restaurant (1 Michelin star) and the first Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas of Italy.

Carlotta Linzalata: Italian champion of the Mediterranean Inspiration by Gin Mare, is currently working at Casa Mago, the lounge bar of the 1 Michelin Star Magorabin restaurant in Turin. Previously at the court of Mirko Turconi of Piano 35 at the Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper, he loves mixing international products to create cocktails that embrace the global territory.



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