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These days every restaurant, cocktail bar and catering business is gearing up to dematerialize their menu, and every digital agency is offering this paid service.

For this, Caribbean Company has developed I Love Menu, a platform that is simple and intuitive to use, which will allow users to create and publish their own menu online.

To concretely support the locals in this fundamental phase of restart, Compagnia dei Caribbean has decided to offer all its customers, on an ongoing basis, the use I Love Menu.

The functioning of I Love Menu it's very simple. The menu will be viewable by scanning a QR code (can be generated directly from the platform) or by typing a website address.

You can insert and manage more menu at the same time, differentiating them by type, day of the week and time slot.

The customer, when consulting the menu, will be able to directly make the selection for his order, creating a Order Summary to show to the staff.

The platform will be online by the end of this week, credentials will be sent automatically to those who have made at least one purchase from Compagnia dei Caribbean in the last three months.

Everyone else can contact the Caribbean Company's local agent to receive them for free.[:]


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