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Photo The World's 50 Best Bars 2020


The awards ceremony for the twelfth edition of The World's 50 Best Bars was held today. Two Italian cocktail bars in the most prestigious section of the ranking: the confirmed 1930 Cocktail Bar, led by Bar Manager Fabio Cavagna, who rises from 44th place last year to the 25th, and the Drink Kong Bar of Rome which, thanks to Patrick Pistolesi's cocktails, manages to move up from 82nd place at 45th. The awards ceremony sponsored by Perrier, the most awaited worldwide in the mixing sector, saw the awarding of a podium as follows: third place for the Greek The Clumsies of Athens, second for the former winner Dante of New York and first place for the Connaught Bar, London, where, as in two other cocktail bars in the ranking, the 11th Maybe Sanny in Sydney and the 19th Paradiso in Barcelona, some Italian representatives operate: the Director of Mixology Agostino Perrone and Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani.


The awarded Italian Cocktail Bars:


The first Italian cocktail bar on the list is the 1930 Cocktail Bar, the Milanese restaurant led by Flavio Angiolillo's Farmily group made up of six members, including the bar manager Fabio Cavagna. The step forward is significant, allowing the cocktail bar to be twenty-fifth. The bar manager Fabio Cavagna commented on the important placement as follows. “It is a satisfaction that rewards years of work. It's been a difficult year but we need to continue to think about the good of the bar." The reason that determined this important award, according to him, was the possibility of combining experimentation in cocktails with an atmosphere of tranquility. “Usually those who experiment extensively create a disorientating climate for the average customer. I believe this is our uniqueness." The satisfaction of being at the head of this project is also great: "what makes me most satisfied is that for the second year in a row we have grown while maintaining a strong bond between us. There are six members of us and we all feel obliged to treat our 40 kids like brothers and cousins. We have a great sense of responsibility towards them." If the recognition was not foreseeable, “it was a dream of ours to be able to reconfirm ourselves”.


The Drink Kong led by Patrick Pistolesi, which presented the new drink list New Humans in March, inspired by the hybrid language of New Humans, records an important leap, which allows it to move from the first section of the ranking, 51-100, to the most coveted one, position 45. This is the description given by the 50 Best. “Born with the ambition of making a name for itself in Italy and beyond, Drink Kong is the first solo project of one of the best barmen in Rome, the Italian-Irish Patrick Pistolesi. […] Its neon Blade Runner design blends with Japanese style, while a clear sense of Roman soul projects from behind the counter. Modern, rich and colorful, this bar is a blend of the facets and experiences of its owner. The result is a perfect space for an aperitif or equally suitable for late night drinking. Its elegant and minimalist cocktail menu welcomes contemporary drinks, made with the expert use of a laboratory of drinks production equipment, while classics are revisited, taking them in new directions. This convergence of science and tradition makes Drink Kong a special place in the panorama of Italian bars.


Italian Cocktail Bars abroad:


In the 50 Best Bars 2020, Three They were cocktail bars with Italian representatives abroad. The first is the Barcelona paradise, classified nineteenth, of which it is owner Giacomo Giannotti. While the Illusionist menu is preparing to leave the venue, a menu based on the theme of the universe and planet Earth is being studied for later this year. The second cocktail bar in this category is the Maybe Sammy from Sydney, where they operate partners and bartenders Stefano Catino and Andrea Gualdi. Opened in 2019, the venue impresses with its fun, entertainment and hospitality, which earned it the award Michter's Art of Hospitality Award. The third cocktail bar, after last year's second place, is the best in the world. And the Connaught Bar, London, a hotel bar in Mayfair which, under the guidance of Director of Mixology Agostino Perrone,of theHead Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milia, evolves from year to year. The service is attentive and tailored, as are the cocktails created here. The specialty is Dry Martinis and the latest menu, Formae, is inspired by the shape and form of the furnishings.


The Special Prizes:


Like every year, during the awards ceremony several special prizes were also awarded, indicated in the ranking below, to which are added the Campari One to Watch of the Galaxy Bar in Dubai, another cocktail bar that obtained 67th place thanks to the contribution of Italians abroad – Danilo Pozone, Mauro Cortese, Francesco D'Arienzo and Cristian Carrieri – the Altos Bartenders' Bartender won by Tato Giovannoni of Floreria Antico in Buenos Aires and the Roku Industry Icon Award won by Ashtin Berry.


The Ranking:


  1. The Best Bar in Europe & The World's Best Bar sponsored by Perrier – Connaught Bar – London, United Kingdom (Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani and Director of Mixology Agostino Perrone)
  2. The Best Bar in North America sponsored by Dry Asahi – Dante – New York, UK
  3. The Clumsies – Athens, Greece
  4. The Best Bar in Asia sponsored by Rémy Martin – Atlas, Singapore
  5. Disaronno Highest New Entry Award – Tayēr + Elementary
  6. London Essence Best New Opening Award – Kwānt – London, United Kingdom
  7. The Best Bar in South America sponsored by Ichiko Saiten – Floreria Antico – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  8. Nikka Highest Climber Award – Coa – Hong Kong, China
  9. Jigger & Pony – Singapore, Singapore
  10. The Sg Club – Tokyo, Japan
  11. Michter's Art of Hospitality Award & The Best Bar in Australasia 2020, sponsored by Torres Brandy – Maybe Sammy – Sydney, Australia
  12. Attaboy – New York, United States
  13. Nomad Bar – New York, United States
  14. Manhattan – Singapore, Singapore
  15. The Old Man – Hong Kong, China
  16. Katana Kitten – New York, United States
  17. Licoreria Limantour – Mexico City, Mexico
  18. Native – Singapore, Singapore
  19. Paradise – Barcelona, Spain
  20. American Bar – London, United Kingdom
  21. Carnaval – Lima, Peru
  22. Salmon Guru – Madrid, Spain
  23. The Best Bar in the Middle East & Africa sponsored by Matusalem Ron – Zuma – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  24. Little Red Door – Paris, France
  25. 1930 – Milan, Italy
  26. Two Schhmucks – Barcelona, Spain
  27. El Copitas – St. Petersburg, Russia
  28. Cellar Ok! – Sydney, Australia
  29. Lyaness – London, UK
  30. Himkok – Oslo, Norway
  31. Baba Au Rum – Athens, Greece
  32. Panda & Sons – Edinburgh, Scotland
  33. Swift – London, UK
  34. Three Sheets – London, UK
  35. The Bamboo Bar – Bangkok, Thailand
  36. Tjoget – Stockholm, Sweden
  37. Buck & Breck – Berlin, Germany
  38. Employees Only – New York, USA
  39. Bulletin Place – Sydney, Australia
  40. Bar Benfiddich – Tokyo, Japan
  41. Artesian – London, UK
  42. Sober Company – Shanghai, China
  43. Indulge Experimental Bistro – Taipei, Taiwan
  44. Bar Trigona – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  45. Drink Kong – Rome, Italy
  46. Room by Le Kief – Taipei, Taiwan
  47. Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award – Alquimico – Cartagena, Colombia
  48. Heering Legend of the List Award – High Five – Tokyo, Japan
  49. Charles H – Seoul, South Korea
  50. President – Buenos Aires, Argentina


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