[:it]#keepmilanoalive, all united to relaunch the Milanese clubs[:]

[:en]#keepmilanoalive: this is the hashtag born a few days ago in Milan to combat the fear generated by the Coronavirus threat, which has emptied the city's clubs. A group of operators in the sector strongly wanted it: bartenders, journalists, entrepreneurs and influencers who met a few evenings ago at Iter and gave life to the initiative.

The objective is to restart the nightlife of the Lombardy capital, through a positive message capable of reassuring people in the face of rampant alarmism, and convincing them that going out for a drink does not entail particular risks.

The list of bloggers, venues and bartenders who have joined #keepmilanoalive is constantly growing and brings together important names from the world of mixology, including internationally renowned bartenders such as Diego Cabrera, Simone Caporale, Dario Comini, Salvatore Calabrese, Patrick Pistolesi and many others.

There is coordinating the initiative Questamiamilano which daily publishes the interventions of bartenders from all over the world on its Instagram page.

There are two hopes: that #keepmilanoalive will give a positive push to revive the city's clubs in this difficult moment; and which also encourages the activities of other cities affected by the emergency to do the same.[:]


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